Lantana Camara

Jan 14, 2022

Here's one of my favorite plants: Lantana! Aside from looking beautiful, this plant has many medicinal benefits.

  • It has antimicrobial and antifungal properties. Its leaves smell like wild oranges.

  • Crushed leaves soothe insect stings,the itch of chicken pox and measles. 

  • The water bath relieves symptoms of rheumatism.

  • As a tea, lantana leaves can be used for relief from headaches, fever, flu, coughs, colds, toothaches and indigestion.

  • To use as an inhalant for respiratory problems:
    Pound lantana leaves. Boil in water for 5 minutes using a tight fitting lid. Uncover and inhale the steam directly from the pot or pour into a container with a narrow mouth and inhale the steam.

  • The dried lantana leaves that have been burned in a glass jar is also known to be a natural mosquito repellent.

  • The crushed leaves are used as a furniture polish.  

    Source: http://medicinalplants101.blogspot.com/2012/03/lantana.html

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