Mandalore the Major

An AU by TheMandoCollection


“Oh, so the evil has left the mask.” Said the Happy Mask salesman. He seemed somewhat disappointed, but was at price knowing the the evil spirit wouldn’t haunt this land any more. What he didn’t realize, is that just because the evil had left the mask, it didn’t mean that it had been destroyed.

Majora wasn’t never killed. He had always endured, found a way. Even now, he had only left the mask. Majora left this wretched land behind, in search of a new host, he wandered all of known space, and reaches new galaxies.

On the planet Mandalore:

Galen had made mistakes in his past. But through them all he had always tried to live the Mandolorian creed. At least, he thought he had. The leaders of his clan apparently thought different. He had just been proclaimed as dar'manda. He had been thrown out of not just his clan, but the entire Mandalorian culture. He had been thrown out of his way of life, stripped of his armor, and shunned by all of Mandalorian society. No one will care for him, or even talk to him. He is no longe a Mandalorian.

After many months, Galen eventually managed to work his way off Mandalore, and into some outer rim territory, where he took up odd jobs here and there. Mostly enforcer stuff. A few bounty hunting jobs. Eventually he made enoug to get a small ship. But still it was barely enough to get by. Every day, he is reminded that he wasn’t good enough, he wasn’t powerful enough, that he couldn’t be Mandalorian. Though he was declared dar’manda, he still stove to live the Mandalorian way.


Majora, he has been trying and failing to find some host, someone with the same hate and anger filling them. But no one is strong enough to contain him. No ones will equals his. He has become so weak he can barely keep going. As a last ditch attempt, he settles his spirit in the closets mask-like object that he can find. An old, beaten helmet. Shoved in the corner of an outer rim store, forgotten by everyone. There he rests, gathering his strength until another comes and is tempted by his power.


One day, after a week of an especially hard bounty hunt, Galen happens to wander into the shop. He pursues through, not really internet to buy anything. It’s been years since he was thrown out from his people, yet he still holds onto that anger. Eventually, he is drawn to the back of the store, for a reason he can’t explain. There, amongst some boxes and machinery, he finds a helmet, tucked away. It’s old, cracked. It’s colors are faded, and yet he instantly recognizes it for what it is.

A Mandalorian helmet. And yet it’s unlike any he’d ever seen. It was adorned with two sets of horns, and spikes protruding from the cheeks. He held it in his hands, and was filled with such emotion. That single helmet reminds him of what he once was. What was taken from him. He is consumed by anger and rage at the other Mandalorians of his clan that threw him away, just as someone had thrown away this precious helmet. In a fit of rage he shoves the helmet onto his head, takes out his blasters, and kills everyone in the shop. It happens almost instantaneously. His blasters provide death with each shot. Galen thought himself a proficient killer, he still had some Mandalorian training in him. And yet, in this moment it all seemed almost too easy. With each kill, the dull, battered helmet, begins to seemingly repair. Colors become less dim, cracks seal up, and the visor begins to glow a menacing yellow.

With everyone in the shop taken care of, and his rage receding, Galen comes back to himself enough to understand that he needs to get away. As soon as possible. He may be on a lowlife-nothing planet, but surely someone noticed the firefight. As he range began to notice something. He was far more aware of his surroundings than usual, everything seemed clearer. His reflexes, sharper. He is able to find the quickest paths, draw little attention to himself, and makes it back to his ship with zero incessant. He eventually notices that he is still wearing the helmet. After he takes off and enters hyperspace, he decides to remove it. The moment he does, the awareness leaves. Everything is normal again, and the dull glow from the helmet visor fades. He stares at the helmet, noting its strange shape and markings. He thought almost seemed to be brighter and new than before.


As time went on, Galen began to wear the helmet more and more. Anywhere he went he took it. As time went on, he began to hear a voice in his head, like someone on a command speaker, little did he know it was Majora speaking to him. Over time, Majora implanted the idea for a new set of armor in his head, something uniquely Mandalorian, and yet different from any Mandalorian ever.

It took quite some time, but Galen built this new armor, and along with it built a reputation as a Mandalorian warrior. As his reputation grew, word reached his old clan of a warrior in strange Mandalorian armor. The Mandalorian who is not Mandalorian, they call him. Their minds return to the past, the the man they threw out of their people. In anger, they take the issue to the current Mandalore, and ask for his help in hunting down and destroying this pretender.

They eventually find Galen, and, realizing him for who he is, pronounce a death sentence upon him. He had already been discarded as dar’manda, now the only thing left, was for him to suffer a painful death.

His mind frantically searching for a way to preserve his life, Galen once again hears the voice of Majora. By now it is a calming presence to him. A thing he can rely on. He is goaded by Majora into challenging The Mandalore for the title of Mandalore, and the right to rule the Mandalorian People. Everyone is taken aback by the challenge. But seeing as death would come to Galen either way, they decide to go through with it then and there.

The fight was brutal. Galen and Mandalore donned their armor, and the fought hand to hand. Each man fighting not just for their life, but for the title of Mandalore. Through the fight, Galen is barely able to hold his own. He feels like he did before he had his new armor. His senses normal, his fighting barely proficient compared to the true Mandalorian warrior. Soon, he is over powered. As Mandalore stands over him, telling Galen to yield, he finally feels the surge of strength from Majora. He bolts up, nearly a blur to everyone. His senses are at peak performance. He is almost able to see his opponents attacks before they happen. As he is overcome with Majora’s spirit, he is quickly able to deafest Mandalore. He stands over him, now the conqueror, and kills him. The others around him kneel, and beggin trembling. Their minds go back to the day they threw him out.

Galen picks up Mandalores mask, and shows it to the others. They stare at it in fear, knowing that as Mandalore, he will have all power over their fate. The eyes on his chest plates begin to glow, and his visor takes on the yellowish sheen. As he holds Mandalores mask, it begins to turns grey. Mandalores mask then slowly flakes away into nothingness. Galen lowers his now empty hand, and turns to the others kneeling before him.

“You tore me from everything I knew. You turned an entire people’s back on me. You pronounced me Dar’mada and left me to die alone.” He says to them. His voice strange, Almost otherworldly. It sounds almost more like the voice of a beast than a man. “I stand before you now, having defeated Mandalore, and ask you, is this not the way of the Mandalorians?! Have I not shown you my true warrior spirit!” The fear in the others is evident now. The shake uncontrollably in terror of this being in front of them. A strange aura surrounds Galen, as he continues speaking to them. “Long ago, you threw me away as Galen Var’Driden!” He says. “I stand before you now! Mandalore, The Major!!!!”

He reaches behind his back, and seemingly from nowhere, produces two whips. He lashes out with them. The moment one of them makes contact, the man it touches screams in pain, and crumbles in a pile of ash. All the other stand to run away. “Cowards,” Galen thinks to himself. “They dare say I am not worthy of the title of Mandalorian, and yet they will it stand and fight?!” He returns to killing them. One by one they perish in clouds of ash, until only one remains. Galen takes him prisoner, as a witness to what happens. He gathers the dead body of The Mandalore, and returns to home, to Mandalore. There, the tale is spread of his power and fight with the previous Mandalore. Galen used his status as Mandalore to unite the clans, and wage another Mandalorian war on the galaxy, this time, nothing can stop the Mandalorian people. With each new system conquered, All soon come to know him, as Mandalore, the Major.