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Hey 👋

My name is Uladzimir. I am the founder of Manganum.

If you got here by accident and didn't know what Manganum is, check out our website.

But most likely, you already installed our extension, and hopefully, you liked it and decided to support us. If so, welcome aboard, and thank you!

We launched in early 2022 and are still at the beginning of our journey. So we're insanely happy with every install, review, and donation.

Behind Manganum is a team of just three people: me, the founder and soul of the product; Roma, the design spirit; and Valera, the power of technology. By the way, you can always write to us on Twitter or chat on Discord. We always reply unless we're busy with another release or fixing bugs.

We're passionate about browsers; I've even worked in one. We think it's time for the browser to become more than just a web-surfing program.

But we don't want to make another new, fancy, modern browser like other teams. Why? Because there is Chrome! We love it and have been using it every day for years.

We want to turn Chrome from just a browser into an inspiring and productive workspace. A browser will help us learn, create content or launch a business. We deserve it! We should try to do what even Google couldn't.

That's why we created Manganum, a browser extension for Chrome. The extension that's stupid not to use if you're using Chrome. Whatever that means 😂

We've completely redesigned the new tab and created a sidebar available on all tabs. But there's still a lot of work to do before our vision of the perfect browser comes to fruition.

If Manganum seems valuable to you, if you're glad it appeared, if you want it to exist and develop, if you want to have a cool purple nickname on our Discord server - get a believer subscription!

If you've already subscribed and you're not ready to stop there, you can:

1️⃣ Leave a review for Manganum in Chrome Store.

2️⃣ Mention @manganumapp on Twitter.

3️⃣ Join our Discord to suggest ideas for improving Manganum, share something interesting, and enjoy your awesome purple nickname.

One more thing. We're all going to die someday. Remember that and try to do something extraordinary in the time you have.

—Uladzimir Yankovich, founder of Manganum.


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