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"For those who are unaware, the Black Wolf Clan will feature prominently in the upcoming comic book series SEVEN, they are directly inspired by gangs present in both New Zealand & Australia, as per the previous lore post, I do not intend to glorify gangs or criminal groups, nor do I wish to offend those who are or once were apart of saif groups, furthermore I do need to remind everyone reading that this is solely a work of fiction." 

The Black Wolves history is shrouded in a veil of darkness, bloodshed & eldrich mysteries, not much is known at all about their founding nor their origins, but; what is known about them should garner further attention in the eyes of the Imperial Library or so I believe; In their own words, The Black Wolf Clan did not originate on the continent; I once overheard a member of this formidable clan speak of an oral tradition called "Te Ekenga O Tona Ariki" which dated back to the ascension of the Messiah himself, sometime during 0AA & 2AA, a translation of this legend suggests that the Black Wolf was present during the ascension itself. (te ekenga o tona ariki - could be translated to - his lord's ascension); those same members also suggested that the Garden of Eden was located within the Dominion of Aotearoa itself, something I find very hard to believe...

Another myth I was privy too was called "Byakko No Densetsu" which also reinforces the idea that the Black Wolves were foreigners, although this time suggesting that they were from the Dominion of Dai-Nippon. (Byakko no densetsu - could be translated as The Legend of the White Wolf)

Whatever the case, the Black Wolves now dominate the wastes from atop their mountain stronghold, Their military only matched by their Lakonian neighbours & by those employed by the Mega-City Security Providers (MCSP). Those of us at the Imperial Library suggest caution when dealing with one from such a terrible clan, Black Wolf himself is currently the most wanted criminal within Imperial territory, but the case files seem to be redacted even for someone such as myself. If i am to ever figure this mystery out, then i must gleam more information on the Black Wolf Clan.. "

[Imperial Auctor - Cornelius Tacitus of the Imperatoria-Bibliotheca 'Personal Memoirs' 9967AA]

Clan Leader - The Black Wolf

The Black Wolf acts as the de-facto leader of the Black Wolf Clan, issuing commands to the various Warlords, who in-turn; command a Family Branch of the Clan

"ki te hiahia koe ki te patu i ahau, haere mo taua mea, ka whakaae ahau ki a koe, engari mena ka taea e au te kawe pakanga ki a koutou ko o tamariki" (if you want to kill me go for it! I will allow you, but only if I can bring war to you and your children!)

- Black Wolf [Leader of the Black Wolf Clan] "During the Dai-Nippon Crisis"

Clan Family Branches - The Three Families

Warlord of the Wolf

(Black-Wolf Family Branch)

The Warlord of the Black-Wolf is responsible for administrative, and civil oversight of the Clans only stronghold; he acts as its protector & its primary defender. During conflict, this Warlord is issued command of the entire Clans military, essentially making this role the second-in-command beneath the Black Wolf himself. The current Warlord of the Black Wolf is unknown.  

"The Warlord of the Black-Wolf seems to be the 'Guard-Dog' of the Black Wolf, his role parallels that of both a guard dog & a beast of burden, being responsible for both protection & supply of the main stronghold which is commonly referred to as 'The Lair of the Black Wolf'. This particular position within the Clan came known to the Auctors & Scribes of the Imperial Library relatively recently, dating it to around 9900AA & 9912AA which coincides with their conquest of the aforementioned lair. There has been no known encounters with the current Warchief of the Black-Wolf as such he is an enigma to us here at the Imperial Library..."

[Imperial Auctor - Cornelius Tacitus of the Imperatoria-Bibliotheca 'Personal Memoirs' 9967AA]

Warlord of the Hound 

(Blood-Hound Family Branch)

The Warlord of the Blood-Hound is responsible for the protection of the border territories from external forces; they essentially act as a mobile task force capable of undertaking various mission types, from disruption of enemy supply lines, reconnaissance, to front line combat and everything in between. During times of relative peace, The Blood-Hounds act as a quasi police force, sent to arrest or destroy those whose loyalty to the Black Wolf was found wanting. 

"The Warlord of the Blood-Hound contrasts the previous Warlord in role and function, like the previous warlord; the Warlord of the Blood-Hound is responsible for organising this particular branch of the Black Wolf Clan, but unlike his counterpart, this Warlord acts as a 'Hunting-Dog' of sorts. If the Black Wolf wants you dead then this is the agent he will send, other than that he functions as a 'War-Dog' being the best military commander available to the Black Wolf Clan. The current Warlord is Ronin, a colourful character with a colourful history, a story for another time perhaps?..."

[Imperial Auctor - Cornelius Tacitus of the Imperatoria-Bibliotheca 'Personal Memoirs' 9967AA]

Warlord of the Fox

(White-Fox Family Branch)

The Warlord of the White Fox is responsible for reconnaissance and communications, essentially this Warlord is responsible for acquiring information on surrounding allies & enemies (without their knowledge). Sometimes they are sent as emissaries other times as assassins; the other critical role that this Family Branch plays is in that of communications, without the White Foxes, the Black Wolves would not be able to communicate across the vast distances of the wastes in an efficient manner. 

"So far I have documented the Warlord of the Wolf & the Warlord of the Hound, both positions in a stark contrast to each other, well the last Warlord available to the Black Wolf is the Warlord of the White Fox. This position parallels both family branches, as without the White Fox, communications would cease for the clan. They are the only ones capable of repairing & maintaining the technology of the Clan. Interestingly they act as the emissaries & diplomats of the Clan but this is but a rouse to allow infiltration or to garner allies. Their lies are not to be believed..."

[Imperial Auctor - Cornelius Tacitus of the Imperatoria-Bibliotheca 'Personal Memoirs' 9967AA]

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