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This is an introductory post aimed at catching everyone up on the recent progress of SEVEN and Mangu Comics as a whole.

SEVEN is on the cusp of going into full production, with pre-production out of the way all our resources are focusing solely on this fact. Now I do need to mention that we have decided to do this one issue at a time, as frankly we cannot afford to fund an entire comic without outside funding, something I hope to change by using this website/app

Mangu Comics has seen a growth of zero followers on facebook & instagram, too close to 200 on facebook alone!, with another 40 or so on instagram. We post daily on both platforms and plan to also post here as often as possible, most of our efforts will be focusing on paid posts, so if you would like to support us, and find out more than the average user then feel free to join our Mangu Comics Membership Club.

Back to the universe of 'SEVEN' it is set far in the future, long after a cataclysmic event occured called the 'Great Flood' which devastated the ecology, and environment of Earth, shattering its civilizations and destroying most of its life. Centuries pass and new systems and practices take hold, Corporations rise and fall and new nations are built. Out of this thousand year turmoil a single being is born called the 'Messiah' who in short order unites Earth under his control, separating it into 3 realms or dominions. Europa, Atlanta & Pacifica. Nanites are developed by the Terran Imperium and implemented worldwide, Megacities are constructed enveloping entire continents, & legions unlike any seen before on earth began to patrol this vast new empire. This is the time period in which the 1st Issue of 'SEVEN' will take place. During the decline of the Terran Imperium

INTRO-Lyrics from an upcoming adaptation of 'SEVEN'


"As god descended from the heavens, and collided with the earth below, terra was sundered.

Broken, disunited, disillusioned, mankind scattered as god's wrath consumed the earth, leaving it barren, salted and wasted.

Millenia would pass, before mankind would know of greatness again, before they could stand up right and reach the stars, before they could taste the elixir of immortality.

They would endure centuries of war, and hardships, all the while praying for a saviour.

Their saviour would arrive, ushering forth the beginning of the ‘AGE OF THE SEVEN’" 

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