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You know the drill by now guys! Hello to any new subscribers and returning members! Thank you for your kind contribution, I assure you every cent I receive will be spent on SEVEN, now that that's out of the way, usually I would have a disclaimer here but seeing as this group is not directly based off anything (more of an amalgamation of things conjured from my imagination) I don't see it as necessary, beside to remember that this is a work of fiction & nothing else ! Lets get onto the lore shall we?

"The story of the White Fox is a curious one, in some stories she is a relative of the terrible Black Wolf himself, & in others; she is his most hated enemy. The truth seems to be somewhere in between these stark contrasts. She was thought to have a connection to the Messiah himself, but these suspicions have never been confirmed by the Imperial Library nor the Imperial Inquisition as such they remain nothing but suspicions. Although she is no longer present within the Hierarchy of the Black Wolf Clan in the present day, she was believed to be at one point, or so I believe..."

[Imperial Auctor - Cornelius Tacitus of the Imperatoria-Bibliotheca 'Personal Memoirs' 9967AA]

The Warlord of the Fox

(White-Fox Family Branch)

The Warlord of the White-Fox acts as the de facto leader of this branch of the clan. issuing commands to the various Knights and their subsequent Orders. The current Warlord of this family branch is unknown. The Warlord of the White Fox is responsible for reconnaissance and communications, essentially this warlord is responsible for acquiring information on surrounding allies & enemies (without their knowledge), sometimes they are sent as emissaries, other times as assassins; The other critical role of this family branch, is that of communications; without the White Foxes, the Black Wolves would not be able to communicate across vast distances in an efficient manner.

White-Fox Knight Captain


The Knight-Captain is the second-in-command and is responsible for ensuring the secrecy of the White-Fox, unlike their counterparts in the Blood-Hounds & Black-Wolves, there is not much, if at all known about this position.

"How can this be? Everything is redacted! I can't even find where this information is stored. This is odd.. I am the Highest Ranking member of the Imperial Library yet I am not privy to this information? This has to be the doing of the Imperial Court. It seems as if the White-Fox has reared it head and as usual has disappeared before I could glimpse her..."

[Imperial Auctor - Cornelius Tacitus of the Imperatoria-Bibliotheca 'Personal Memoirs' 9967AA]

Orders of the White-Fox
(White Order & Black Order)

(White Order)

The White Order Knight-Sentry is responsible for maintaining the vast communication systems available to the Black-Wolf Clan, essentially each Knight-Sentry acts as the nucleus of communications for the rest of the Clan. Although the exact nature of this relationship is currently unknown, due to the secrecy surrounding these 2 Orders. It is assumed that the Knight-Sentry works as a Diplomat of sorts, being sent to either assist or hinder both the enemies & allies of the Black-Wolf. The current Knight-Sentry is unknown

(Black Order)

The Black Order Knight-Hunter is responsible for assassination & infiltration of enemy targets, essentially each Knight-Hunter acts as an independent assassin, sent to kill high value targets without alerting others of the missions true nature, other times these assassinations occur as a way to disrupt enemy intelligence. The current Knight-Hunter is known as Shinobi

Each Knight-Captain along with their respective Orders together form the White-Fox , their numbers are currently unknown nor how many people per Order. They are truly an enigma

"Alas, the Imperial Court has heard my plea, but of course the information I have gleaned has only confounded the situation; It seems that the modern incarnation of the White-Fox is closely related to the Knights-Hospitaller. But how can this be?... The origins of the Knights solely put them within the realm of the Imperial Capitol but somehow its influence has reached the Dominion of Australia.. Could it be that the Knights originated there? within this barbaric dominion? Their elusive nature enquiries me to keep searching for more information but I feel as if there will only be more questions, and less answers..."

-[Imperial Auctor - Cornelius Tacitus of the Imperatoria-Bibliotheca 'Personal Memoirs' 9967AA]

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