Tool for dotnet core webapi microservice creation and management or for xamarin project creation.

Require .Net core 5.0

Miccore .Net is a CLI which allows a user to create a webapi project with a very specific microservice architecture. it also allows you to create a xamarin project.


  • Create new webapi microservice project architecture

  • Create new xamarin mobile project

  • Add new microservice in the project architecture

  • add service in one microservice

  • delete service in microservice

  • delete microservice

  • build the project and run it


Miccore .Net uses a number of open source projects to work properly:

  • Dotnet Core 5.0 - NET Core 5.0 Runtime enables you to run existing web/server applications. ...

  • Ocelot - Ocelot is a .NET API Gateway

  • Xamarin - Open-source mobile app platform for .NET

  • Mysql - MySQL Database Service est un service de base de données entièrement géré pour déployer des applications natives du cloud en utilisant la base de données​ ...

  • Microservice Architecture - application that does only one thing but does it optimally

And of course Miccore .Net itself is open source with a public repository on GitHub.