Coventina was an exciting illustration project to make.  A few different influences and factors came together to make her happen! I recently taught myself a new art technique for drawing underwater, using gradients and light, for a scene in the upcoming chapter of my comic series Magna Ax. I was so excited about this technique that I wanted to use it in an Illustration ASAP

At the time, I was talking to both my fiancé Abby and my best friend Jae about my desire wanting to do an illustration on witches after recently playing the Final Fantasy 8 remaster. Now, you have to know- that when it comes to Final Fantasy, my absolute favorites are FF8 & FF4. I've replayed them many times, so I was excited to play the remaster of 8! I was greatly inspired by the music and lore of FF8's sorceresses. With that in mind, I knew I didn't want to make fan art or something too similar to FF8. I began to see my witch in my head, and I now knew where to start. 

The things I knew I wanted in this Illustration:

- Demonstration of the new underwater technique 

- Big round eyes & the color amber 

- Witches and magic 

I got to work on her with the FF8 soundtrack in my ears, and over the next few days, I started to work on the design. Her design – everything from body type to eyes – changed quite a few times over the course of the illustration process, The color palate for her body, hair & skin came in a bit later.

After figuring out the anatomy, I thought about the colors that would go great with her amber-colored eyes. I thought about the fleshtones of an underwater witch. I ended up with a mix of sorceress Adel from Final Fantasy & a painting in my house of a face blended with a bird and a heart (a friend had gifted me as a housewarming gift).

I color-matched each of the colors each of the other colors I had in mind with an amazing website called and created the final palate! The ball continue to roll, and I ended up adding some last-minute details to her, such as the triple moon symbol and magical text.

Fun Fact: The center text in the magical glyph as well as the subtext beneath her name is the mysterious language from my comic series Magna Ax!

(Update 5/4/2022)

After talking to my fiancé about Instagram and Mermay, I realized that sea witches exist! Ursula from The Little Mermaid, for instance.  Her skin tone is also a cool color as well!

All that was left was to pick the name. I spent a few hours researching all kinds of mythological names that represented water witches until I came across Coventina, "Goddess of the Wells & Springs," as known in Ancient Britain. Thus, " Coventina, Witch of the Wellspring" was born.

I have an entire presentation project, including concept art, finished illustration & motion illustration available here!

View The Coventina project on Behance here: