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Hello and Welcome!

You must REALLY be a fan of good music!

I'm going on a musical journey, listening to many different styles of old songs, new favorites, live performances, and acoustics. I absolutely LOVE the ride I'm on, but realistically, I won't be able to continue long term without your help.

Regardless of if videos get blocked or not on Youtube, I don’t make money on 99% of them, due to standard copyright claims that give all money earned to the music owners and music labels.

The purpose of "Buy Me a Coffee" isn’t to make money that I spend on things that I don’t need.

It is here to support my channel, so that I can continue to make more videos for YouTube, improving the quality of everything along the way : )

Thank you for your support 🙏

** Any "coffee tip" $8 or above is awarded a song request along with a shoutout in that video! Include the artist plus song title under the donation and I'll add it to my Priority Reaction List. Help me get to your favorite song faster!! **

Reaction Request Timeline:
$8 tip: within two days!
$16+ tip: the next day!

- Manny