Our school started vacation after the end of the first academic quarter. Grades are given after each semester. The annual assessment is formed from quarterly assessments.

The son is only in the first grade and he is not yet graded, but he took second place in the competition for reciting poems by heart 📖

My daughter is in the second grade and she is already getting grades. There are 33 students in my daughter's class. The teacher gives a task that needs to be learned at home, and then checks the student's knowledge (when I went to school, the teacher explained everything to us, now either this is not there, or my daughter does not listen to the teacher 😜).

5 is "excellent", she received this mark in English, physical education (my husband studied English with her every day and does exercises with the children four times a week 😁), and in literature, the world around us, music, drawing and technology .

4 is "good", my daughter received this mark in Russian and mathematics. For these marks, you need to thank their grandmother, who works with her every day ...

3 is "satisfactory."

2 is "bad".

1 is not accepted, even if there are a lot of mistakes 😅

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