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Villains Villa - gaming table for 28mm f ...

Villains Villa - gaming table for 28mm for sale!

Mar 15, 2021

Villains villa, a 3ft x 3ft gameboard for modern scenarios. We are selling self made gameboard. Made from several crafting materials, fully painted and highly detailed. Board contains:

- House with 8 rooms

- Garage - Shed

- Terrace with swimming pool and grill

- Greenhouse

- Volleyball court

- Bower

- Run for dogs

- Garden

- Adjoining street

Board is designed for 28mm scale. All roofs are removable, players have full access to every area on the board. Price: 1200EURO + shipping from Poland (+custom duty if required. We give every document needed) Figures and cars shown in the pictures are not the part of this offer. If you have any additional questions or want to get more pictures please contact us.

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