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Open source developer - author of various tools and libraries for .NET

I build things. The most visible thing unrelated to any employer is probably protobuf-net (I also host online tools for working with protobuf); I also work on things like Dapper and StackExchange.Redis (although these are also intertwined with my work for Stack Overflow.) I also blog - usually talking about the .NET stack and performance / scale issues. And I occasionally (!) help folks with questions on Stack Overflow. If I've helped you and you want to buy me a coffee: I won't stop you! If I don't drink it as caffeine, I'll probably put it towards ongoing development / tooling / hardware costs to help me build more and better things.
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Very handy tool (protogen), thanks.

much appreciated, thanks

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Used your protobuf & Dapper libs for as long as I can recall and now about to embark on a streaming server project so will naturally use protobuf.grpc. Thanks for all your efforts.

Great! I hope that works well for you; any problems - ping me!

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Cheers for responses on stack overflow :D

no problem; glad to help, but: thanks

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Absolutely the easiest way to implement gRPC.. I have a tool that code generates ASP.Net Core domain services from a DDD based modeling tool I created.  Most of the inter-service communication is via Broker (Kafa/RabbitMq/AzureSB) but the model supports the concept of Saga's which I implement using third party process engine and as such the process flow integration with external tasks requires RPC, inter-service communication.  So since I use Roslyn to code generate the entire domain service stack this was very seamless for me to code generate the protocontract/member attributes over existing generated models as well to produce the Service contracts as they perform the same logic as is already generated inside action methods on respective ASP.Net Controller classes. I am pretty sure this will work for me, so thank you so much.

You're welcome - thanks for the coffees!