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Open source developer - author of various tools and libraries for .NET

I build things. The most visible thing unrelated to any employer is probably protobuf-net (I also host online tools for working with protobuf); I also work on things like Dapper and StackExchange.Redis (although these are also intertwined with my work for Stack Overflow.) I also blog - usually talking about the .NET stack and performance / scale issues. And I occasionally (!) help folks with questions on Stack Overflow. If I've helped you and you want to buy me a coffee: I won't stop you! If I don't drink it as caffeine, I'll probably put it towards ongoing development / tooling / hardware costs to help me build more and better things.
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Thank you!

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Thanks! Appreciated

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Four hours from posting a question in an issue to is amazing, not to speak of the many hours of work going in the many great libraries millions use every day. thanks!

Heh, you nerd-sniped me on a day when I happened to have some time, but: thanks

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Very handy tool (protogen), thanks.

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