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Hey! My name is Marcin Gminski and I am the creator of the Free and Open Source SQL Server Monitoring Framework: SQLWATCH.IO.

The project is completely free and under MIT license meaning you can use it however you like. You can monitor your entire SQL Server estate for free. I am not asking for anything in exchange but since you are here, a coffee would be great!

I also created and maintain Data Comunity Event Aggregator where you can see most of the data related events.

Thank you kindly and I hope you are enjoying both projects!

@equerystrian bought 5 coffees.

Gee this is clever! Looking forward to giving it a spin.

Thank you kindly! Please do and if you have any questions please ask! I am currently working on the next release.

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Thank you!

Daniel Lohmann
Daniel Lohmann bought a coffee.

Great work

Thank you Daniel! Glad you like it. Thank you for spotting and raising issues today 👍 😊 

shishir bought 5 coffees.

Good Job !! Its a valuable tool.

Thank you kindly! Glad you like it! I am now working on Grafana dashboard so please stay tuned for updates.

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Thank you! Appreciate it!