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Hey! My name is Marcin Gminski and I am the creator of the Free and Open Source SQL Server Monitoring Framework: SQLWATCH.IO.

The project is completely free and under MIT license meaning you can use it however you like. You can monitor your entire SQL Server estate for free. I am not asking for anything in exchange but since you are here, a coffee would be great!

I also created and maintain Data Comunity Event Aggregator where you can see most of the data related events.

Thank you kindly and I hope you are enjoying both projects!

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I support sqlwatch

Thank you!

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Hi Marcin. Saw you demo this ages ago at a Leeds Data Platform meeting. *Finally* taking it for a spin and got to say, I'm loving it so far. Thank you so much for your work on this. Looking forward to exploring it further.

Thank you! Glad you like it! Any questions let me know.

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We are about to take a dive into this solution and see where we shake out. I definitely applaud your efforts here and look forward to seeing how it works!

Thank you kindly!

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Gee this is clever! Looking forward to giving it a spin.

Thank you kindly! Please do and if you have any questions please ask! I am currently working on the next release.

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Thank you!