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Hello. My name is Marc. I am the one who started beyond tellerrand, the friendly event in Düsseldorf, Berlin and Munich in 2010 and co-founded Smashing Conference in 2012.

Thanks for dropping by here, though. And thanks also for considering to sponsor a coffee … or two. I love good coffee, as you might know (as well as a good beer, gin or wh… well … anyways). If you want to know more about myself, drop by at my website. See you there.
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Thanks a lot Nico!

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Keep rolling Marc! Really appreciate what you are doing. 🤘Hope we see us again in the near future.

Thank you so much. You rock! 🤘

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have fun and a good time 😎 ☀️ 

Thanks a lot! 🥰

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Have a great coffee on me Marc and I'll see you at the next installment of BTConf and StayCurious. ❤️ 

Thanks so much! And happy birthday! ;)