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The raw power, beauty and force of the Irish landscape inspires my art work. Since coming to Ireland from Poland the wildness particularly in winter has inspired me to be an advocate of the use of natural shape, textures and form in graphic design.

All of this is reflected in my passions: arts, photography, poetry and prose. I have successfully published several books in my native language, and years of singing in a choir have given me life skills in teamwork, accuracy, organization and punctuality.

My creative process is a trace of my sensitivity and you can see that I put a lot of emphasis on systematizing my thoughts, at the same time I am patient, but also stubborn, consistent and persistent. Because I am a rebel, I make mistakes, I keep looking for my own way, it is how I learn.

Thanks to wide life experience and well developed design thinking I'm advanced in problems solving. I am Grounded in graphic design, typography and information architecture. I have a good understanding of the product development lifecycle. I like the challenges, especially these according to working with UX design and digital design.

Independence puts responsibility on me, which is why I carry out my projects and implementations with great care. I am open to change and flexible, I adapt to the requirements and know how to express my opinions with adequate argumentations.

You want to support what I do by just buying me a coffee once in a while. It's your way of saying a simple "Thank you, Margo"