This is an apology relating to a story I posted late last year (all the details are below). I wrote this in November but didn't post this longer apology as I needed time to reflect on my actions. 

Before I explain what happened - I would firstly like to apologise to anyone who I hurt, triggered or offended by the words in my stories when detailing the #DearMrRock campaign video.


In November 2020 I was asked to share a video in conjunction with White Ribbon Day. Along with this request, I was sent text explaining the purpose of the video - which I then copied and pasted to my stories:

It was then pointed out to me that by specifically identifying the "Polynesian communities" I was being racist. Horrified at this thought, I immediately removed the story; and issued an apology:


At the time I was out on a school trip, and the thought of upsetting any person absolutely mortified me. However because I was out, I didn't have the chance to truly stop and think about what I had done, and endorsed.

Initially I didn’t understand why I was being targeted as the words were specifically from the organizers from the campaign; I did not write them.

However, once I got home, after school was finished, I was able to step back and reflect on the words I shared.

Even though I thought I was sharing a simple message by copying and pasting, I hadn't considered the wording was racist, which is ironic given all I'm trying to do; and I definitely hadn't thought about the implications of the words coming from me personally - a white woman.

To some this might seem like nothing but to others it was a massive oversight - and ultimately I agree with the latter. 

It was an oversight on my part; and while I have a million reasons as to why I didn't take the time to properly think about the words I was sharing (which is a privilege in itself), it doesn't change the outcome of what was said.

Whilst I try and use my platform to have a giggle, and from time-to-time help others, in this instance I did the absolute opposite; and although the words were not my own, they were still racist. By sharing them they became my own, and I would like to deeply apologise to those affected by that.

Regardless of whether or not I was sent the written description of the campaign, I should have taken a step back and properly read the words and realised exactly what they were saying, before blindly copying and pasting.

I have full control over what goes on my page and as someone who is working hard on being anti-racist and an ally, I should have done better.

Thank you to the people who took the time to reach out and have a conversation with me about this... It is not anyone's place to educate me, so I did appreciate it. I can only learn from this experience, and not repeat it.

Again - to anyone I hurt by the words I chose to share, I am sorry.