Grab a coffee and let's have a catch up! Here's some stuff that's on my mind right now ...

  • Am sick and tired of seeing active-wear brands advertising with the same type of models. Absolutely no diversity on any level. I get that a certain look is what sells, but it puts me off buying from a brand who can't be diverse with their advertising. I may not relate to any specific size, or look, but seeing the promotion one particular type of woman makes me roll my eyes.

  • Rawiri Waititi. He didn't wear a tie in Parliament, instead choosing to wear a Hei Tiki (which is the Māori equivalent and much more treasured), and was removed from Parliament by the speaker. I posted about this on my stories and I had so many people coming at me "He needs to sit down and just wear it - rules are rules" and honestly I don't even have the energy to explain this to people. It's not about the rules. It's not about the bloody tie. Open your mind up to the possibility that there's more to this than just the rules,

  • Who knew putting hot water into coffee first, before milk, would be so controversial! So many people messaged me the other day, after I posted some stories about how I make my coffee, shocked that I would put water first. Mate, it's instant coffee; it doesn't need special treatment 😂

  • Does anyone else struggle standing up for yourself / your rights, in public? Had a not-so-great meal last week at a cafe, and had to send it back to the kitchen because it was not edible at all. I am so shit at doing this. What is wrong with me?! I know the place would want to know, and I'm so nice about it it's disgusting. But I still struggle doing it! Ugh I annoy myself.

  • Diversify your feeds please. Follow people who challenge your way of thinking, rather than agree with it. You'd be fascinated to find what comes out of it. You may never change your mind about things, but being able to open your mind to other perspectives is not a bad thing. Just because you think the way you think doesn't a) make it right, or b) make others wrong.