Coffee time bitches!

  • Uggghhh the whole Facebook Aussie News restrictions thing just bugs me on so many levels. If you don't know - Facebook banned access to ALL news sites for Australians. Unfortunately my HMHC page got caught up in this which means my Australian audience can't see my page - this is over 200,000 people. Basically I'm bothered because at it's core it's making me face the reality that what I've got going on social media is finite. It could end and that reality (although I fully knew it could happen) is really confronting. No harm in having to rethink things, but it's bloody stressful.

  • The Level 3 lockdown at the beginning of the week also threw me for 6 - mainly because it was raining and we were all stuck inside for two straight days. It might not seem like much to you but I can't control how my brain works and it got a little overloaded for a second.

  • I ran for 10 mins today with a 2 min walk in between and holy shit I'm proud of myself!

  • Not using the Covid Tracer app and bragging about the fact, is a dick move.

  • I have laundry to fold and I don't want to do it.

  • Made a decision to make my Buy Me A Coffee account public - I want everyone to have access to it regardless if they support me with $$ or not. I am grateful to everyone no matter what - money doesn't need to come into it.

  • People not wearing masks over their noses are dipshits.

  • People who don't disclose their ad's on social media still annoy me; and yes - I still see it happening every day. I see Simone Anderson being penalised but what about everyone else who is dodgy AF.

  • Being a SAHM is a real job. So is earning money through social media. Just because it doesn't fit in with your definition of "job" doesn't make it any less valid.

Ok I'm done ...

Does anyone have any good movie recommendations for me? Let me know in the comments!

PS thanks for reading this. I appreciate you <3