Grab a coffee ... it's brain dump time.

  • If anyone is rude, mean or unkind to any of my friends, just know you will be blocked by me too on social media.

  • I ran for 20 minutes straight today. So freaking proud of myself! BTW when I say "run", think of a slow jog hahaha

  • I get really frustrated sometimes when people don't read my stories properly (on Instagram) and then ask me a question to which they could find the answer out themselves (by reading properly). I get SO many messages each day and do my best to respond to all of them, but it's so annoying when people don't bother to read what I've taken the time to put up on my stories.

  • Just found out we have been paying house and contents insurance for our old property and we haven't lived there for 4 years. Absolutely devastated. Was probably my fault too :(

  • I am such a procrastinator - I always leave things up until the last minute and then curse myself for doing it and promising I'll never do it again. I lie. I'm a liar. I lie to myself. I'm a procrastinator haha

  • Midsommar (on Neon) is a seriously fucked up movie, and I kinda loved it hahaha

  • Super sad about Daft Punk retiring / splitting up. As I mentioned on my stories, I have loved their music for decades and it's sad knowing they won't be making anymore.

  • I want a new car. I am so fucking sick and tired of my car breaking down. Just gotta save some $$ (that's how it always is haha)

  • The kids have really settled nicely into school this year and I'm so incredibly happy for them.

Ok that's it for today! Hope you are all well out there :-)