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Hey, dear people! 👋

I am Marija, a 26-year-old girl from Serbia, madly in love with travel and multicultural communication. ✈️

I am also a PhD student at Faculty of Geography in Belgrade and a Master of Science in Tourism, determined to promote Serbian culture and contribute to tourism development in Serbia. 🌍👩🏼‍🎓

I want to show you Serbia, reveal all its secrets and give you the opportunity to fall in love with this country, understand it, see it from an alternative perspective and feel its energy. ✨🔥

I want to share with you a lot of fascinating information about the lifestyle in Serbia, its people, customs and tradition. Also, If you decide to visit this country, it will be my pleasure to meet you live on one of my tours. My idea is to provide you the opportunity to be a part of authentic local experience and taste, smell, touch, see and feel the real Serbia. 🇷🇸

Also, it is important for me to promote responsible travel and contribute to the local community, so from each tour I guide in Serbia, I donate for planting trees and for the food for the hungry in Serbia. 🌳🍎

If you are also a fan of responsible travel, preservation of local culture and dedicated to constant development and daily progress, buy me a coffee. ☕️

It will help me to improve tourism research for my Ph.D. studies, and I will create even more valuable and authentic content about life in Serbia for you. 🤩🎈🎉

I live it, you'll love it! ❤️

Thank you!

Marija from Serbia

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