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My name is Mariam, and I am a filmmaker from Artsakh. I'm native to Artsakh, born and raised here. Since young age wanted to direct films. I have a bachelor’s in journalism and now work with multiple news outlets in Armenia as a video editor.

After the war ended and all the international news crews left my homeland, I decided we should tell our story ourselves and began filming a non-commentary-style documentary series to show post-war life in Artsakh called #TheDesireToLive. We are aiming to show the destructive effects of the war on the indigenous people of Artsakh and their livelihood.

I release a new episode every Thursday on my YouTube Channel. We’re filming every week and are a 2-person team, my colleague and cameraman Tigran, also a native to Artsakh, and myself.

I created a page here where you can support our work and/or send your donations to the families in need we visit throughout shootings. 

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