The very first post~ A welcome word. Yes ...

The very first post~ A welcome word. Yes, to myself

Jun 24, 2020

So lonely.. I feel myself in an empty, old restaurant, the one I need to fix and start.

Okay, I began to create NSFW games a couple of years ago, as a hobby. To be honest, that's still my hobby! And Young Maria - I bet you know this game - is my first and the most successful project. Strange, but okay. I have a lot of games, actually. But not this good, sadly.

I have a site - - my home castle
I have a Patreon page -
I have a SubscribeStar page -
And I also have a Discord channel - - it's a place where you can always find me and other fans (don't know how much of them. Thousands~)

I'm trying to get new team members now, but for now, I'm doing almost all work myself + a few fans helping me.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me via Discord! Just mention me in my server.
Be safe and stay cool ;3

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