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Thank you for your interest in my work!

I am so glad you are here and that our paths have crossed.  It happened for a reason. I have so much to learn from you, and I hope I return the favor in my own humble way.

I am the creator of the Life Mastery Program, as well as 21-Day Meditation Challenge.  I am a life coaching, writer, mom, fermentista, soaper, crocheter, cyclist, book lover, gardener, and so much more.  I am what I now affectionately call "Multi-Passionate".

I hope you enjoy my work, which would have no meaning without you.  And if you do, please consider buying me a coffee! Or, feel free to share anything I have done, or am working on, which you find value in, with your friends and family!  Please be sure to check out my other live events also.

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Gratitude and love for your generosity, love and support! Have a wonderful day.

Trudy Elliott
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Thank you Trudy!!  Have a wonderful day!

You're welcome, Marie.  Have a wonderful day as well!

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Thank you! 

Gratitude & love for your generosity and our paths converging at this moment in time. Have a wonderful day.

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Thank you!

I had to re-read my email confirmation a few times! That's a lot of coffee! Thank you so very kindly for your generosity. It's a pleasure to be on this journey with you as we get new insights and learn to reach higher. Have a wonderful day.