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Thank you for your interest in my work!

I am so glad you are here and that our paths have crossed.  It happened for a reason. I have so much to learn from you, and I hope I return the favor in my own humble way.

I try to live fully and fearlessly, which is what that picture represents to me.

I am the creator of the Life Mastery Program, 21-Day Meditation Challenge and 30-Day Journey to Self-Love.  I am a life coaching, writer, improviser, mom, fermentista, soaper, crocheter, cyclist, book lover, gardener, and so much more.  I am what I now affectionately call "Multi-Passionate".

I hope you enjoy my work, which would have no meaning without you.  And if you do, please consider buying me a coffee! Or, feel free to share anything I have done, or am working on, which you find value in, with your friends and family!  Please be sure to check out my other live events also.

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Really appreciate the support so far!

Thank you. Growth and transformation come from reaching out just beyond the borders you think you can bear. That's when you realize there is no border (limit), only the perception of one.

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Enjoy!! xo

Thanks Laura!

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What a creative way to write and explore deeply! Thank you so much!!

Thank you Michelle! And deep we went! Whew! But sometimes, it is good to explore those shadows that might otherwise catch us by surprise. : )  

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Great Improv Session Tonight! Loved the energy you bring to the group

Thank you for your presence, energy and generosity!  It would have no meaning without your participation.