Dec 29, 2021

Today is my birthday

Dec 27, 2021

Thinking of those …

I guess I should say It’s that time of year Lots of love, joy & cheer To all beings here and everywhere Although unbalanced And we grieve those not here I’m sending you some comfort and care And we think of those who cannot bare The idea Of jingle bells, merry dances and bright lights everywhere Perhaps a reminder of something or someone inside who is just not here Maybe... more

Dec 23, 2021

A toast …

Congratulations to you and yours Happiness streaming from pore to pore I pour And pour Glass not empty but full For my own good I pour

Dec 22, 2021


I do nothing about many things I am a no doer Simply not doing things where I don't see things On my own I suffer In depth of my fearI suffer To be free or to be prisoner I am scared beyond believe So I do nothing Simply, a simple no doer Doing nothing about things I don't see 

Dec 16, 2021


We abuse the idea of love, we turn it into a  fantasised destination, somewhere we 'end up' not by default, but our choice. We think we know love and how it should play out on paper. We have these deluded concepts and egos bigger than cause itself, it gets left behind and placed onto a shelf, gathering dust until dawn- tarnished by the unidealistic, unrealistic pleasure of porn and play and plastic arrays. Love begins to grow torn, with gaps and pieces missing from... more

Dec 10, 2021


Ugly Merely scratching the surface She looks away She looks againScratches some more Looks away Scratches a little more With every scratch Heart racing Beads of sweat Blood pumps, ferocious Tears vacate towards her pool of vulnerableShe scratches some more Peeks through the surface As it begins to surface away Intrigued Scratches some more ScaredScratches some... more

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