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I am a travelling author who currently lives in Lisbon, after stints in London, Johannesburg, and Bangkok. My ambition is to publish 100 books. It’s a challenge I decided upon after I’d completed my 33rd book. Or I should say, my 33rd first draft. I am currently working at getting all of those first drafts into a publishable state. This is taking considerably longer than I’d anticipated! 

Especially as I keep getting distracted by ideas for yet more books.
I am very lucky that stories keep occurring to me, and I am able to write quite a lot in a day. Having said that, I’m a binge writer. When I’m on a roll I’ll happily write three or four thousand words a day (my record was 18 000 words in one day). But I can also have months where I hardly write at all.

I am an introvert and I think that makes me quite sensitive to overstimulation. I find rollercoaster, action-packed blockbusters too stressful to read. This probably influences my writing which reviewers have described as gentle. I might describe what I write as easy reading or slow fiction. They are the kind of books that are perfect to curl up with on the sofa on a rainy day or take to the park to read under a tree. They are feel-good stories where good triumphs over evil and the girl gets the boy with some bumps along the way.