Being an author at any stage in your career means taming the social media beast or better yet, befriending it. Are you waiting to join a particular Social Media Platform until after you finish writing?

Maybe you were like me for years and haven't told anyone your life long dream is to be a best selling author? If that's the case it's time to start your social media platform as an author - no matter what stage you are at in the writing process.

Social Media has the ability to do great things for you, your brand and your books so here are 7 Reasons to Start Your Author Platform in 2021.

ONE: Connect with your readers

This is the best reason by far. Your readers are active on all social media platforms. You can connect with those in your genre, the readers that love authors who have inspired you and get to know them on a personal level.

TWO: Build a community around your book/series

People are intrigue by behind the scenes content. Show your writing process, office space, character aesthetics and what every you wish to share. This will bring you audience on a journey of writing the book along with you.

THREE: Another Creative outlet

As authors, writing a novel at least for me - sitting down to write is the hardest part. Just me? Okay.

So being able to create content around your writing, why you write and connecting with people who absolutely love reading as much as you do is SO MUCH FUN!

I am so happy that I have found bookstagram and booktok at this time in my life because it really is a great community to be apart of.

FOUR: Make author friends

Writing is hard. Writing is lonely. So what do you need? People who understand exactly what you are going through.

If you are seasoned published writer or brand new to the writing world working on your first book - we all need encouragement and friends who JUST GET THE STRUGGLES.

And the best place to find authors is on social media. Join groups, build connections and find your people.

FIVE: Find Beta Readers

This one is HUGE when you are at this stage in your book creation process. Finding Beta Readers can be difficult, especially knowing who is going to be truthful and actually read your book - social media is great place to start relationships with readers.

Yes, there are groups with Beta Readers in them and you can join them to see who is the right fit for you. Another way is to build relationship with readers on whatever platform you choose and when the time is right, ask people to be your beta readers.

SIX: Inspire you to read more books

If I have learned anything about being on TikTok it is that I want to read so many books! And I have also found authors that I would not have normally come across if I was just strolling through a bookstore.

Yes, reading is not writing your novel but reading epic stories in your genre can help you stay inspired to write you book.

SEVEN: Motivate you to finish writing

Which leads to number seven - this one is a big one and a lot of us struggle to keep on writing. Whether self doubt has you down, you don't have the time or just not in a space to write at this moment in time. Being around people who write, who read and love characters like family - it just makes my heart smile every time I see people talk about their favourite books.

I know one day - my book will be done and people can talk about it on social media. This can also be your reality.

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