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My name is Phil Dye and I'm the host of the podcast. I'm an ex-teacher and taught for the NSW DET for around 20 years. I then dabbled in journalism and music before lecturing in media and science at university. In this way, I've taught every level from kindergarten to master's level.

In the podcast, I'm assisted by teachers, voice people, producers and others who make things fall into place. I'm also assisted greatly by your voices and stories. These are the things that really make the podcast valuable. Above all, everyone is a volunteer - even me.

Your support helps

No one is paid at Marking the Role. The podcast doesn't aim to make profit, but we would like to cover costs. All up it costs around $4k a year to make it happen. There's two ways of helping us.

Method 1: Become a Member

Membership can be from $20 per year up to a corporate membership of lots more. While membership comes as a monthly donation, it's cheaper to take the yearly option. Just look to the right and click membership to see the options.

There's lurks and perks in becoming a member and these are listed under the membership levels.

Method 2: Support us by buying a coffee or 2!

This involves just choosing how many coffees you'd like to buy us. They start at $5, which in Australia actually is the price of a coffee. Just click on 'Support' at right to see the options.

School support

Schools can also show their support by becoming a member.  Schools don't get the same perks as individuals, yet they do get to feature their student talent in the podcast, talent that will be heard internationally. This could be a solo, band or orchestra - it's up to the school

Thanks for listening and please, follow us on your podcast app, join us on Facebook or just give us a wave occasionally.

Phil Dye

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