Living Your Best Life (2023)

Living Your Best Life (2023)

Jan 18, 2023

'Living Your Best Life' is a short read for anyone struggling to make major life or career changes.

Words have power. And that's why, in 2008, I was inspired by reading Al Secunda's wonderful book, 'The 15 Second Principle’, to take action and interview him. We talked for almost two hours about why people 'get stuck' on the big goals and visions they are most drawn to, and yet are often most fearful of. This small book is an edited version of that conversation.

Fifteen years later (2023) the wisdom Al shared continues to inspire me, as I hope it will you, too.
This was my first self-published e-book (back in 2016.)

I updated the e-book cover this month and also released a paperback version.

Yes, I mainly write fiction these days but this wee book still means a lot to me on my personal growth journey.

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