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Cathy Rahman
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you make it easy to say thank you. Love your simple, clear illustrations. Has helped me to be kinder also. 

Thank you, Cathy :)

Alan D Roth
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Katie Hudson
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I read the article about extraversion in men and women.It's because men will break up with a woman or in some other way injure the relationship when they get jealous. Women will usually just work harder to keep the man's approval. In group social situations, there will be romantic competition. But when women pay and get attention from another man, there's all kinds of ideas floating around about harlots and unfaithful women, etc. And that's not even getting into the stigma of being unmarried. It's getting better, but it's still there. But it's not there for men. It's considered natural. Plus, the biggest difference: women must live in a social group their whole lives usually, as they cannot survive the wild alone for long especially if they have children, but males all over creation roam, because they can.So, women care about what others think of them, but men usually don't. Maybe their Dad or wife or best friend, but it's not an all day every day worry. This is taking forever! I really wish you psychology people would include the information from the Bible in your thoughts. This is one of those things that will be perfectly obvious one day, and everyone will know that reality blindness really is real. As you judge, so shall you be judged. = Why are you feeling ugly? Because you called someone who looked like you now ugly in the past. And what about the effects of thoughts on physiolgy? The river Euphrates isn't going to dry up and pave the way for the kings of the east and energy flow/chakra health until some sciencists give it credence. Because different thoughts I have make me feel like there is energy transference in/out in specific parts of my body that later I learned line up exactly with chakra points. Thanks for reading. Keep it up. All my attempts to go to school and get letters so people listen to me about this have failed. Maybe you'll listen to me and get it started. 

Hi Katie, Thank you for reading and supporting! I agree with you that social expectations are vastly different for men and women, which contributes to the personality differences found in this research.

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