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Jason C
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I'm buying you a coffee in the hopes that you'll have the chance to read the email I just sent you, and also because I liked your "Conspiracy Theorists Aren’t Who You Think They Are" article. May you be caffeinated for a full week in Tbilisi (based on what I know of exchange rates).

Shannon M Koziba
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Thank you, Daniel

Nancy F
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Buying you a coffee so you review your 12/31 narcissism article.  You complete miss the point that victims of narcissistic abuse commonly take on narcissistic qualities/behaviors of their partner as coping mechanisms.  It's a survival tactic.  We have to think like them to survive the relationship.  In fact they pressure us to think exactly like they do, and given enough time and pressure, we do in fact act like them.  Once again, another article on narcissistic abuse that says you all deserve the abuse you got because you are bad, too.  You need a rewrite, friend.  Enjoy the coffee.

Your point is well-taken, Nancy. Thanks for sharing and supporting

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