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For the Month of May

May 04, 2022

This month, I will be spending my time writing and refining the draft(s) of my first short film!

During the last week of April, a writer whom I follow on Twitter, created a group to inspire other screenwriters to make progress on their stories. I'm so glad that she's created this group. It was exactly what I needed to get back on track. I'd been so caught up about how to spend my month creatively that when the last few days of April finally came, I had nothing prepared to share because I was so overwhelmed.

May is a lot of things for me. Personal events that are close to my heart happen during this very special month of the year. In recent years, I've found that it is also the month where Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage is acknowledged and celebrated. As an AAPI actor and advocate for our stories and our representation (both within and outside the film industry), my mind became incredibly frantic about the kind of "content" I needed to be publishing on social media platforms. My mind refuses to give me clarity most days and sometimes the issue is that I cannot keep up with the plethora of ideas pinballing themselves inside my head.

By the end of the month, I hope to have a draft of my short film solidified enough for its first table read. I hope that even if I decided to make significant changes afterward, I can finalize another solid draft by the end of June for another read through.

If you're also a writer and have been meaning to put a solid timeline for your story, join me!

An Update from The Most Recent Scene We Filmed
I re-learned many things. When I first began looking into filmmaking, finding a good producer/producing well has always been at the top of the necessities for everything to go smoothly. I've always had respect for producers but after that last one, I have even more respect for them now. One of the things I'd overlooked was time management. I did not allow time for missteps in scheduling and was overly ambitious with the amount of time I needed to prepare each shot for every take I had planned. Note to self: Make more time, allowance is good because anything can happen.

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