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Count On You - DEMO (DnB Demo For Your Ears!)

Sep 06, 2021

Greetings Travellers!

The other day I did a little post on my IG stories about two demos I had put together and wanted to share, along with a poll about which one I should share publicly (Dubstep or DnB), and DnB was the overwhelming winner so here is a little DnB demo I've been hacking away at over the past few weeks! 🥰

It's got that Pendulum flair to it and I've been pretty heavily referencing Blanke's style of DnB (which I LOVE!), so I hope you enjoy it!

If you want to hear the Dubstep demo as well, I'll make it available to supporters. To become a supporter, all you need to do it buy me a coffee once and you'll get forever access to my supporter feed! 😄

If you have some feedback, anything you think needs changing, adding, or you just wanna say what you think of it then please leave a comment below!

Much love,

Matt <3

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