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Everything I do online is without any outside funding. I pour hard work, grit, vision and necessary resources in the ideas I believe in myself.

Medical Notes is a 100% free newsletter as it aims to inform and educate as many medical students and doctors as possible about digital health. That’s why it strongly relies on supporters to keep going. If you’re interested, you can subscribe here.

Building a publication such as Medical Notes took countless hours. It’s the best thing I ever built from scratch. I know the struggle of setting up a publication, and that’s why I created the Full-stack Publisher guide. It teaches you how to use Ghost to run your blog and control its every aspect. The only thing I get from it are hosting credits, otherwise it’s 100% free.

My thoughts and perspectives usually find their way to Twitter and LinkedIn. I used to write a personal blog, but decided it’s time to focus on other things. Instead, I might restart a personal newsletter that’ll be subscriber-exclusive and not published anywhere else online. Interested in joining? Again, 100% free.

If you'd like to show your support, the best way to do so is by buying a medical student a cup of coffee.✌️