Here are some random and fun facts I learned about coffee.

  1. Coffee is not dangerous for you. It’s associated with being healthy for the heart and liver. It also decreases the risk of some types of cancer. The benefits are the same as decaf.

  2. Some say that drinking 2-5 cups of “french press” coffee is very beneficial. For “espresso” it’s 2 cups per day.

  3. Turkish coffee contains cafestol and kahweol that are filtered out in other types. These two substances raise the levels of blood LDL.

  4. Adenosine makes you sleepy because it binds to its receptors. Caffeine binds to those receptors instead and keeps you awake.

  5. Caffeine has a half-life of 7 hours. Your body, in large part due to its detoxification mechanisms, needs 7 hours to fully excrete it.