Until only a few weeks ago, I did very little writing. Not on my blog, social media nor on my (old) newsletter. What seemed easy at first, suddenly became hard. Did I experience a “writer’s block”?

A few weeks before that I stop consuming some of the resources I normally was. This was completely fine until I ran out of things to write about.

This might seem straightforward, but it didn’t feel real until I experienced it. I expected output without having any input. You don’t expect a car to run without gasoline, do you?

My response to this consisted of 2 parts:

1) I once again started consuming resources that were already valuable to me before.

2) I implemented storing these resources (again) in Notion.

The 2nd part was the important one.

Storing, reviewing and combining information from Notion restarted my content creation.

Since then I started:

1) My newsletter

2) Posting on LinkedIn

All of this made me realize another important thing. It doesn’t matter how much time or energy we spend consuming information as long as it’s valuable to us.