You see your karma 1 is one of the cards that show us the path you must walk to unlock your birth cards potential, if we take a look at the J♠️ for example, the J♠️ is the spiritual initiate but that's also the "prophecy" he must fulfill, he must become the spiritual initiate and there's only 1 way...

Through the 7♣️, he must gain mental revelations, spiritual truths and knowledge (7♣️) because all of those will transform his thinking which will transform his actions and all of this will make him into 'The Spiritual Initiate' - J♠️, he can't become the spiritual initiate unless he's getting the mental revelations and training from the 7♣️, he becomes the spiritual initiate (J♠️) by walking the 7♣️ path

another example is the 8♥️ for the 8♥️ to have emotional power and success in relationships they must walk the 7♠️ path, they need to be revealed to revelational wisdom & labour 7♠️ because that is what will give them emotional power (8♥️) and it will also give them success in relationships (8♥️) because the very things that were revealed to them on that path (7♠️) will be useful because it's that specific wisdom (7♠️) that will make them beneficial to people which is what will make their relationships with people successful (8♥️)

The prophecy that your birth card foretells can only be fulfilled by walking the path of your Karma 1, it's your pathway to excellence, it's your destiny, what is your prophecy? comment it below