Whose Mercury Card Do You Have?🤔

Whose Mercury Card Do You Have?🤔

Feb 13, 2022

Yes we're gonna use Marvelli's Principle Law to understand what that means and we're going to look at examples too but first we need to understand that the spiritual spread is a reflection of again the principles of life that never ever change so with that being said we also need to understand that even though the spiritual and the world spread are different the world spread is doing its best to maintain the principles on the spiritual spread so all the cards that have been misplaced are in spaces that remind them or are alike to their original place, so let's do the exercise...

First you look at your mercury card in the life spread, i'm a J♣️ so my mercury is the 9♦️, then we look at the god spread and see what card has that same mercury card, as we can see the 8♦️ has the 9♦️ as its mercury card in the god spread and again that is a principle of life , only cards of financial power (8♦️) bear universal values (9♦️) in mercury so for the J♣️ to have that in mercury tells us that the J♣️ is a card of financial power because it has the mind of financial power (8♦️) which is the 9♦️, the J♣️ also has the 8♦️ as its cosmic lesson card in the god spread which means there are things to learn from the 8♦️; learn how to use the 8♦️ mercury card which is the 9♦️ and learn that its energy is very much like the 8♦️'s energy, based on the principle the J♣️ & the 8♦️ are technically the same energy which is why they have the same mercury 9♦️

look at the 3♦️ mercury its the A♠️ correct? now if you look at the god spread the K♦️ has that same card in mercury and according to the principle only masters of finance and business (K♦️) bear the A♠️ in mercury, but we can see the 3♦️ has it in mercury so that makes the 3♦️ a master of business and finance which is why you see a lot of 3♦️ big in the business world because they have the mind of a king, a mastermind A ♠️, also their cosmic lesson in both spreads is the K♦️ so they also need to learn how to use the king's mind and also learn that they are masters in the business world

one more, the 5♠️ has J♥️ in mercury, in the god spread the 10♥️ has that in mercury, so the principle says only cards of social and public success (10♥️) can bear inspirational love and creativity (J♥️) in mercury so this tells us the 5♠️ is a card of social & public success (10♥️) because it has the mind of social and public success which is the J♥️ and the Karma 1 of the 5♠️ is the 10♥️ which makes sense because it took the 10♥️ mind and now it follows the 10♥️ everywhere so that it can learn how to use its mind which is the J♥️

so whose mercury do you have?...comment it below let's talk about it 😜🤔

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