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Hello, I'm Marvin, also known as Melvin.
Because I'm still studying and don't have an exact idea what I'll be doing someday, I develop many different things in many different programming languages for many different platforms. For example I have much experience in Machine Learning and Web Applications but also in Assembly programming and kernel development. Through this whole journey around the world of computing I always have one goal in mind: Open access to my code. That means that all of my major projects are open-source and free for everyone. This includes my self-written operating system melvix as well as my quite popular Sailfish OS app Binary Fun.
While this brings love and joy to my heart, small donations would make me even happier - to know that my work made someone else happy, too :)

Thanks for enjoying my projects and thanks to everyone who even considers supporting me through money.

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Wait, you can be a member? I thought I could only buy you a coffee. Welp, here's to a membership! :D

Thank you very much, Ben! This feature is quite new I think. Greetings from Germany!

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Awesome :D

You're welcome :D

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Your projects are cool, especially Melvix! :)

Thank you so much! I've been busy in the last few weeks but I'll continue working on Melvix soon and I have some awesome features and improvements in my mind :) By the way: I love the concept of your "Brainstuck" game!