I'm finally done with one of my college courses! I still have more to complete in nov-dec, but I have a few days to myself now and I plan to write A LOT. I feel so inspired.

Right now, I am planning on writing the 4th chapter of my Queen of Ice and Prince of Fire series, and a simple one-shot for smutty Daemon. Haven't started yet, but I will! I know maybe it doesn't seem like it, but every chapter or story I publish takes me hours and hours of writing, reading, re-reading, reading again, adjusting, reading, writing... you get it. To give you an idea, just the last smutty scene between Daemon and the reader in the last chapter of my HOTD series took me at least four hours to write. And it still felt rushed because I was in a hurry to publish before the HOTD hype wore off. I really like it when I get feedback!

So, from now on I'll try to rush my stories less, which sometimes means leaving them overnight before publishing even if they're "done" because there's always something that can be changed for the better. I think a chapter a week is not bad. Remember English is not my first language so I need to write veeery carefully.

Well, I guess that's it! Have a nice day!