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Tarot for today - Four of Swords (reverse) Expansion and Contraction

Apr 16, 2021

It may be time for you to take pause to recharge your batteries. The four of swords is calling for you to withdraw your energies from the world and take the rest you need to replenish and restore. It's an interesting time for many of us slowly easing out of the worldwide lockdown and trying to integrate ourselves gently back into the world. Where we have been confined for so long in external contraction with our civil liberties being curtailed, now is the time for us to seek internal expansion by withdrawing from all the outside noise and mayhem the things that cause us anxiety i.e media, negative friendships and relationships, work for some of us for the tranquility of the inner landscape.

Now is the time to take a break - you may be yelling "we had a year off love" lol. But when you really think about it, I believe the majority of us worked harder in that year than we ever have. We worked harder to remain sane, we worked harder to sustain our businesses, we worked harder to maintain relationships and worked harder to support our fellow man. A lot happened in 2020. In all that contraction, the ebb and flow of life we sought balance and discovery and crafted new ways of living - thus in that year of contraction we fought harder than ever to create expansion.

I think its very interesting that this card decides to come out now as the world will be eager to get their lives on track again, meet loved ones and integrate once again into a new world a new way of living working and existing. This card is just urging you to do proceed with caution as a way not to scare but to support you as we continue to live through very unsettling times but finding ways that enables us to navigate safely.

Things we can do to create space

  1. Take a break somewhere before starting work if it's required for you to work in an environment with others...

  2. Do something nice for yourself. It could be as simple as taking a bath with candles and playing soft music in the background

  3. Detox from the socials even just for a week - notice how you feel everyday. Lean into feeling and being rather than actively doing and achieving

  4. Meditate even for 10 mins the same time everyday and notice the subtle shifts of the mind as you invite balance back which will in turn inject greater productivity without being forced

  5. Take a nap when you need it. I know you have a list you need to complete. Yep get rid of it and nap. When you start to meet the world from a space of rested presence your work will speak for itself

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