The clanking of chains brought Alainia back to reality. She had been daydreaming of her home, a land of lush vegetation and beautiful skies. Here, smoke from the forge choked out the sun, and the trees were nothing more than barren logs. She tripped over the chains around her feet, bumping into the elven girl in front of her. “Ashtalo.” she said, apologizing in her native tongue. The orcs had ambushed them while out gathering food and supplies, slaying the guardians and capturing the rest of them. Gathering parties were mostly women and children, plus two trained guardians. Alainia had already been separated from the rest of her party, forced into another group of elves who would be sold at the market today. They were prodded forward, and told to step up onto the stage in front of them. 

She tried to ignore the looks from the orcs as they passed by, occasionally stopping to size her up. They examined her teeth, felt her hips, asked her her age. Once they had all had a chance to look over the girls, the bidding started. The one to her right was up first, sold to a smaller female orc. Alainia was up next, and she was surprised when three orcs got into a bidding war, driving up the price until a fourth one stepped in and raised the price from 1000 llevna to 10000. She blinked, blankly staring at the man as they undid her chains and pushed her forward. He caught her arm, squeezing tight in case she tried to run. He wrapped a rope around her wrists and tied it tight, leading her along through the market. They kept walking, past the shops and and the stalls and the slaves until they reached a residential neighborhood. And then they kept going, even further until her feet were dragging. They walked at least a tesare, nearly two miles before they came to a house hidden back in a cave - secluded from the rest of the world. She swallowed hard, realizing no one would be able to hear her scream. But would it matter? She was a slave now, less than nothing, and no one would care about her pain. 

It was a cruel realization.

The language barrier was hard, at first. Alainia didn’t speak orcish and her new master didn’t speak elven. But they managed, both of them picking up words here and there. She had always been a fast learner and a hard worker, two things that came in handy in captivity. But still she yearned for freedom. She learned quickly that disobedience was met with a beating, and she shuddered to think about what would happen if she was caught trying to escape. 

After a particularly rough day, she was ready to try it, though. She needed to get out, and she was willing to die for her freedom. She waited until her owner was asleep before she tried to get out of her restraints. She had nabbed some butter from the kitchen earlier, and she greased up her wrists enough to slip them off, tiptoeing out the door and breaking into a run. 

She didn’t get far, maybe 100 feet. He dragged her back to his lair by her ankle, kicking and screaming and crying the whole way. Norfhut yanked her to her feet and pulled her down the steps to the basement, pushing her to the floor. He left her there, sobbing. For two days, she was locked down there with no food or water. When the door opened again, she blinked at the light. The basement was dark, with only a dim bulb that had burnt out some hours before. Alainia was sitting in the corner, arms wrapped around her knees as she rocked back and forth, singing softly. It was an old lullaby, one that her mother used to sing to her when the nights were scary and the storms were harsh. He grabbed her by the arm, leading her up the steps to his bedroom. He sat her down on his bed, grabbing a kit from the bathroom and sitting down next to her. He opened it, and she was surprised to see it was a first aid kit. He patched up her wounds, gently fed her hot broth and cold water. 

She didn’t understand. Why was he being so kind? He had always been so cold and harsh. What changed?

She fell asleep in his arms, and he laid down with her till morning, when he got up to make more broth. For three days he fed her, helped her to drink. They spoke briefly, exchanging bits and pieces of conversation through a broken language. He apologized for hurting her, for making her want to run away. Promised to do better. 

Over the next few months their relationship grew. She still yearned for freedom, still wanted for something that was once again out of reach, but she stopped thinking so much of escape. Norfhut made good on his promise to do better, on occasion still losing his temper but the beatings were few and far between. He cared for her, bringing home flowers just because they made her smile. He would do anything to see her smile. Well, almost anything. But he would never give her up. He fell in love with her the first moment he had laid eyes on her. But would she ever love him back? Could she? He didn’t know. 

His brother came to visit one day, and she stumbled while bringing him tea. The hot liquid burned his skin and he roared, striking her with a backhand across the cheek that sent her flying. Norfhut had initially been concerned for his kin’s wellbeing, but striking his Alainia crossed a line. He yelled, throwing him out of the house before he rushed over to her, shushing her cries. Her cheek was bleeding, tears running down her face as she sobbed. “Ashtalo…” she whispered, over and over as he dabbed at the cut with a damp rag. He finally pressed a finger to her lips, silencing her as she looked at him. He was actually quite handsome for an orc. Nothing like the natural beauty of an elf, but not altogether bad looking. How had she never really noticed before? 

He stared at her, taking in her beauty as his hand dropped lower to her chin. He leaned forward, catching her lips in a kiss that took her by surprise. What was happening? Did Norfhut… did Norhut have feelings for her? 

She pulled back, her heart breaking as his face fell. He apologized, then went to his room. For hours, all she could think about was him. All she could see was his expression. And then she knew what she needed to do. What she wanted to do. She knocked on his door, waiting for him to say enter before she opened it, going and sitting on the bed next to him. He was avoiding eye contact, so she caught his chin in her hand and guided him to look at her before she leaned in and kissed him. She had tried to think of the words to say, but hadn’t come up with any. This way, she didn’t need words. Just actions.

They kissed, his tongue gently pressing against her lips before she opened her mouth to let him in. It wasn’t long before they both needed to come up for air, panting hard as they stared at each other. Alainia nodded, a please leaving her lips. She needed this. Needed to show him what he meant to her. He hesitated, then undid his belt and pulled down his pants, his large cock springing free from the fabric. Orcs were definitely blessed in the size department, that was for sure. She knelt down between his legs, taking his cock in her hand before licking from bottom to top. She wasn’t even sure if it would fit in her mouth, but she was determined to find out. Once he was coated in her spit, she closed her lips around the head, barely able to part them wide enough. But she managed, bobbing her head up and down as she massaged his shaft with her tongue. He huffed, eyes closing as he let out a small whimper. She was inexperienced, but eager, wanting to show him how much she was enjoying this. She moaned, opening her eyes to peer up at him with her lips around his dick. It was clear that he was enjoying this, too, and his hand soon found its way onto her head and entwined his fingers in her hair, guiding her movements and forcing her to quicken her pace. 


She had picked up enough orcish to recognize the word fuck.

He grunted, speeding up his thrusts as he rammed his rod down her throat. Alainia coughed, gagging on his dick before he came in her mouth. She wasn’t expecting there to be so much of it. She swallowed, humming as she stood up and sat down on the bed beside him, leaning her head on his shoulder. He huffed again, kissing the top of her head before he laid her down, kissing her lips and her jaw and her neck, trailing his lips downward towards her treasure. She helped him take off her underwear, and he pushed up her dress to expose his target. Leaning down, he licked like she had from bottom to top, his tongue probing into her depths as she moaned. Soon, she found herself gripping the bed sheets, writhing beneath his touch. As he sucked on her clit, he inserted a finger and slowly fucked her with it, smirking as she gasped at the sensations. He added another digit, bringing her to orgasm twice before he positioned himself between her legs, slathering his cock with her fluids. He entered slowly, aware of his girth compared to her small size. He shushed her when she cried out, her pussy burning at the intrusion. It was too much. He was too much. 

Too much. 

Too big.

Too much.

It hurt, but she shook her head when he asked if she wanted to stop. No. She wanted this. Needed this. 


He nodded, steadily pushing forward until he was buried inside of her. He could see the bulge in her stomach where the tip of his dick pressed against her belly. Taking his time, he began to rock his hips, in and out an inch at a time until her whimpers turned to moans and she pressed against him. “Yanto.” she said. More. He understood, pulling out and reentering at a leisurely pace, waiting until she whimpered and whined with need before he began to speed up. Soon he was fucking her, his length ramming into her as she cried out with each forward thrust. His fingers found her clit, rubbing her to orgasm after orgasm as he pounded into her, until she was a tearful mess beneath his touch, her climax continuous and loud. Good thing there weren’t any neighbors around to hear her screams.

Norfhut growled, ripping her dress down the middle to catch a nipple between his teeth, his tongue flicking the small nub until it was erect and waiting. He did the same to the other, sucking on it as his thumb rubbed circles over her button, drawing her body off the bed as she came yet again. His mouth left bruises, hickeys that darkened beneath the suction of his lips. Alainia was panting hard, breathless and needy and used.

She was limp when he came, her energy spent and exhausted. He grunted again, thrusting deep and emptying his seed into her womb before he sighed and laid down next to her, pulling her into his arms. They could talk more in the morning. For now, this was all that mattered.

She dreamt of his touch and her home, of being satisfied and being taken away. What did she want? She wasn’t sure anymore. She wanted to go home… to be free. But she also wanted to stay… to be with Norfhut. He had seemed so harsh when he first bought her, but over the months she had realized there was more to him. A softer side that yearned to comfort and caress her. 

Alainia whimpered in her sleep, waking him as she softly cried out for her home. He shushed her, gently rubbing her cheek and humming until she calmed in his arms. 

The next morning, she was making breakfast, her mind stumbling over what to do next; what had happened the night before. Was this just Stockholm Syndrome, or was there more to it? Something deeper, concrete. Palpable. She startled as he came up behind her and wrapped his arms around her waist, kissing her neck softly. She smiled, deciding that she didn’t need to figure out her thoughts right this moment. Turning, she leaned into him, standing up on her tiptoes to pull him down into a kiss. She gave him a look as he turned off the stove, a tad confused until he lifted her up and pressed his lips to hers in a passionate kiss. She hummed, pressing deeper into him, yearning and full of need. 

He carried her to the bed, laying her down as they both came up for air, panting hard as his eyes searched hers. Was he in the wrong here? What should he do? He loved her, but did she truly love him back? Could she? He tried to explain, only to find that the words died in his throat. Now it was her turn to shush him, pressing her finger to his lips. It’s okay, she whispered. “I want this.”

She didn’t understand. But how could she? They were lost, searching for answers in each other. What they found was a truth buried deep under layers of brokenness, a truth written in a language that they didn’t understand.

So instead, they moved without words, tongues dancing with each other in a tango that neither of them expected. He had once thought she would never be capable of caring for him, but perhaps this was her way of proving him wrong. Her way of taking back control. In the end, it didn’t matter what it was. 

It didn’t matter, 

didn’t matter, 

didn’t matter. 

Only actions spoke.

Somehow, they both ended up naked, pawing at each other’s bodies with nails that left imprints on their skin. She could already feel herself growing wet, could feel his length pressing into her thigh. “Senti,” she breathed out between heavy kisses, “senti.”



He nodded, breaking the kiss to rub between her legs, feeling the slickness of her slit before sliding one finger in. After a few strokes, he added another, turning his hand and motioning in a ‘come hither’ type motion. She moaned, unable to control the sounds coming out of her mouth as he slowly fucked her with his fingers. She was so beautiful, especially when in the throes of pleasure. Norfhut grinned, using his other hand to rub circles on her clit until she came once, twice, three times, fluids gushing out of her. Legs shaking, she was breathing heavy as she pushed his hands away. It was too much. Much too much. 

And yet, it wasn’t enough.

She needed more. 



He coated his cock in her juices, pushing into her as her pussy stretched around his girth. He didn’t know if he could be gentle this time. It was all too much. All too much and not enough. He started slow, building up speed as he fucked her. His thrusts were enough to lift her off the bed with each forward stroke, causing her to cry out with each one. Oh fentilos, it all felt so good. It still hurt a little, but she didn’t mind the pain. She just wanted to feel him. To be with him. 

Alainia hummed as he sucked on her breasts, marking them with his mouth as he thrust in and out of her. She yelped when he bit down, the pain bringing tears to her eyes before his hand found her clit again. Everything was so conflicting, at odds with each sensation. He apologized, slowing his thrusts and gently suckling on her nipple, tongue caressing the nub until it hardened into a point. His thrusts grew harder, faster, stronger as his climax neared, but he was determined to draw one more out of her before he allowed himself release. His thumb rubbed over her clit, back and forth until her panting turned into soft cries of overwhelming pleasure. As she came, he quickened his pace and grunted, body tensing as he finished inside of her. Oh fentilos was right.

He groaned, collapsing on the bed next to her. He opened one eye as she cuddled into him, allowing her to get close and nuzzle into his side. She was a sweetheart, that was for sure. But she had spunk too. Spirit. He liked that. He smiled softly, kissing the top of her head before closing his eye again. And that’s how they spent the morning, snoozing until the pull of hunger dragged them from the room. Alainia eventually got up and finished breakfast, bringing it to Norfhut at the table. He thanked her, giving her a quick kiss before inviting her to eat with him. They would have to find a way to discuss what was happening between them. Hopefully they could both find the words. Perhaps one day she would find herself at home again, whether that home was full of green grass and blue skies, or tucked away in a cave where smoke choked out the sun.