*** AUTHOR'S NOTE *** I have never been to or been a part of a bdsm play party, this is simply a scene that someone suggested I try my hand at writing. If I got anything wrong, PLEASE let me know so I can fix it! I want to learn so I can create better stories for my reader. Thank you.


Nadia was nervous. More than nervous, actually. She'd never been to a play party before, but here Sir had talked her into performing at one. Yikes. She had no idea how many people were going to be watching. She didn't mind a bit of exhibitionism at times, but she still had a bit of stage fright. Crowds already made her nervous.

She was starting to hyperventilate as she thought about it backstage. Sir was discussing the scene with the coordinator when he noticed his pet's distress. He frowned, excusing himself to go to the petite little brown haired woman. "Pet? It's okay. It's gonna be okay, shh, come here." He spoke softly, pulling his naked sub into his embrace as tears stung at her eyes. What if she messed up? What if they didn't like her? What if she puked?

What if,

What if,

What if.

She expressed her fears to Sir, and he smiled softly. "It's okay, my dear pet. It's okay to be nervous. There's nothing you could do that would make me love you any less or think any less of you. We don't have to do this if you really don't want to, but remember that you are allowed to use your safe word at any time and I will be right there with you. I promise. I'm not going anywhere, love. I'm right here."

Nadia sighed into Sir's arms. He understood. He always understood. Sir had helped lift her up from some of her lowest points. He had pulled her out of a severe depression, saved her from attempting suicide, and helped her kick an age old drug addiction. Nadia had been a mess when Sir had found her - begging on the streets for money, selling her body to get money for drugs. He had a habit of rounding up lost sheep, but Nadia had been his longest project. Initially, he was just going to get her off of the heroin and into a women's shelter, but something about her had awakened a fire within him. He needed her, almost as much as she needed him. It had been two years, almost, since he first took her home. Their relationship had grown into one of trust and loyalty, companionship and love. She loved him, and he, her. She was more than happy to satisfy his needs, even when those needs had turned out to have a bit of a dark side.

She pulled back a little and stared into those stormy blue eyes that she loved so much. They always helped calm her. Keep her steady. He breathed with her, in and out until the panic started to fade. Sir always knew what to do, how to help. He always knew, always, always.

"O-okay. Thank you, Sir. May I kiss you?" she asked tentatively, aware that there were others watching.

He nodded, leaning down to close the height gap between them as he captured her lips with his own, leading the way in a sensuous kiss that made her knees go weak. She hummed, smiling into the kiss as he held her close.

After a few moments, he broke the kiss, planting a soft one again on her lips before he leaned his forehead on hers.

"I'm here. I'll always be here."

Now it was Nadia's turn to nod, her breathing ragged and shallow. She was so nervous still, but she knew that Sir was well aware of her limits and her needs. She trusted him completely.

"Master Thomas," the coordinator spoke up, clearing his throat to get Sir's attention, "you and your pet are about to be announced. Please take your positions."

Sir nodded again, thanking the coordinator before he hugged Nadia one more time. "Remember your safe word, my pet. You can do this... I believe in you."

Nadia blushed, nodding as Sir walked her over to a custom sawhorse and tied her down, body bent over the top with her legs spread so her ass and pussy were on a delicious display. Her ankles and wrists were secured to the bottom legs of the sawhorse, which was on wheels that locked in place. It was a little uncomfortable, but she could already feel the heat in her belly spreading.

The host announced the next pair, Master Thomas and Nadia, and the curtains opened. Nadia could hear the crowd and their applause, but she couldn't see them until Sir turned her around so her ass was facing the audience. Her head hung low, and everything was upside down, but that didn't stop the fear from creeping in as she saw how many people there were. It wasn't a whole lot, maybe 10 people gathered with more watching from the perimeter, but it was enough to trigger her stage fright again.

At least until she felt Sir's hand on her ass back as he faced the crowd and explained their scene. His touch was comforting and kind, nothing at all like the pain that was to come. But she welcomed the pain, needed it even. She was breathing heavy, and she closed her eyes as she focused on getting to her safe space in order to prepare. The scene was going to involve paddles, spanking, whips, and pain. Sir explained that the sub was well versed in this type of play, and that, as always, there would be a safe word in place in case it got to be too much.

The crowd murmured a little bit, then a collective hush fell over them as Sir turned to address Nadia. "Pet. Are you ready?"

She took a deep breath, then nodded. "Yes Sir."

"Then we shall begin."

It started with his hand, palm snapping over the tender skin hard enough to leave the imprint of his fingers highlighted in a blossoming red. She gasped, then hummed as his calloused hand caressed the mark. Again and again and again he spanked her, until her ass was bright red and burning. Then, he moved onto a studded paddle, and she yelped as it came down hard on her ass. Again it came down, and again she cried out, hissing at the pain. After five strikes from the paddle, she felt his fingers glide across her slit before easily sliding in. She was so wet by now that she was literally dripping, and her body glistened with sweat while Sir started to finger her. He began excruciatingly slow, before building up speed and fucking her with his fingers. She moaned, her head spinning with the sensations and need, orgasm building in her stomach.

He stopped just short, however, and she whined, squirming against her bonds as she searched for his touch. She needed to cum, but she knew she needed permission first. By stopping, Sir was saying 'not yet.' She understood, and swallowed as she prepared for the next impact.

The whip came last, biting at the skin on her thighs and back and calves before landing a blow directly on her cunt. She screamed, the pain overwhelming as the blows resumed, quick and without mercy.

"Cum for me, pet." Sir commanded as another blow landed on her clit, and immediately her body responded. She cried out, moaning into the pain as her orgasm bloomed across her entire body. Her body tensed, pulling at her bindings as she writhed in pleasure, even though her skin was on fire. She felt a gush of fluids between her legs as she squirted, soiling the floor beneath her. And then his fingers were inside her again and she was screaming as she came again. His free hand smacked her ass, landing right on a welt from before, and the pain triggered something within her. She sighed, her head feeling floaty and dazed as she entered her sub space. Every touch was enough to make her belly tighten, every smack brought a new wave of pleasure.

Sir slowed his fingers, his blows lightening until they became soft taps on her skin. He was speaking, but the words were all blurry. Wait, that wasn't right, was it? It didn't matter. All that mattered was his touch. All that mattered was him. Sir.

There was applause that Nadia didn't hear, her entire body going limp as the curtains closed and Sir undid her restraints. Gently, he lifted her up off of the sawhorse, carrying her over to a couch where he sat down with her, holding her like a baby curled up in his arms. He instructed someone to fetch a glass of water for him, then gently sang as he petted her hair. After a few minutes, she started to stir, soft mumbles escaping her lips. He smiled, tapping her cheek to bring her out of it the rest of the way, ready to catch her when the pain hit.

And boy did it hit hard. She groaned, holding her head and biting her lip as she squeezed her eyes shut tight.

"Here, my pet. You did so good. I'm so proud of you, love."

He handed her two pills for the pain and helped her swallow, making sure she sipped on the water so she wouldn't get sick. She always got nauseous coming down from sub space. He had a bucket next to the couch just in case.

Nadia whimpered, curling into him as he rocked her. "It's okay baby girl. I'm here. I'm right here. Just like I promised. You did good. You did so good. I'm so so proud of you. I love you."

She smiled softly, keeping her eyes closed.

Sir. He always knew what she needed.

Once she had come out of it enough, he had her lay down on the couch, ass up as he rubbed a healing ointment into her skin. The whip and the studded paddle had drawn blood in a few places, and he paid special attention to those areas. Nadia hummed, loving the massage even though it hurt a little. If there was one thing Sir excelled at, it was making sure his pets received proper aftercare. It was important that they were cared for by experienced hands. Important that the bonds of trust were only strengthened during and after scenes.

"How was it, pet?" he asked, lifting her into his arms again.

"Wonderful. Thank you, Sir. I love you." She smiled, pulling him into a soft, deep kiss.

When it ended, he smiled back at her. "Are you ready for the rest of the party, or would you like to go home?"

"I'm ready to play, Sir. Please let me service you as a thank you."

He chuckled, but nodded. Nadia grinned, kneeling between his legs as she took out his cock. It was hard and ready, dripping precum like a leaky faucet. Gently, she lapped her tongue up and down his length until he was breathing heavy and covered with her spit. He placed his hand on her head, urging her onto his shaft as she opened her lips to take him in. With a sigh, he let her service him at her own pace, allowing her to choose when to take him deep. She held her face in his pubes, denying herself of oxygen until she couldn't take it anymore and pulled back for a breath, bobbing her head back down as his cock entered her throat. She held him there, tongue swirling against the underside of his dick until he began to move her head, quickening the pace at which she bobbed on his erection. He could hear the next scene going on, but he was more focused on the sound of his cock hitting the back of her throat as he started to thrust his hips a little. He chuckled as she moaned, enjoying the sight until he was brought to the edge. "Oh fuck, pet, yes, just like that." He gripped her hair, roughly thrusting her up and down until he grunted and came in her throat. He held her there for a few moments, then let her up as she gasped for air. Once she caught her breath, she smiled, standing up to give him a peck on the lips.

"Thank you, Sir."

He hummed in response, grabbing her hair and pulling her into a deep, possessive kiss that took her breath away. When it was done, they smiled shyly at each other, a look that made his heart melt.

"Come, my pet. Let us join the party again."