The Play Party; pt 2

Dec 30, 2020

Nadia and Sir had finished their scene, but Nadia was still a touch nervous. Nothing at all like she had been initially, but definitely still nervous. Hopefully, the next few rooms would make the rest of her anxieties disappear. She hadn’t felt any of the fear while in subspace, but that was normal. It was unfortunate that it had come back, but it was what it was and couldn’t be helped. 

She took small steps as they walked, her ass still stinging. It hurt to walk, but she was excited to see the rest of the party. It was easy to tell the subs from their Masters, Nadia included. Most of them were naked except for their collars, while the Doms and Dommes wore leather, plain clothes, or were dressed to the nines. Master Thomas was in a suit and tie, and boy was he handsome. Nadia loved it when he wore a suit. The ties were a lot of fun to play with, too, using them as blindfolds or bindings.

She looked around, taking in the other scenes that were going on. Back on the stage where Nadia had performed, a Domme was asking for volunteers from the audience to fondle and feel up her female sub. She actually recognized the two, as they often came over to Sir’s house to play. She reached out and touched Sir’s arm, asking if they could stay and watch Mistress Erika and her sub Liza. Sir nodded and led them to a seat to sit down. They watched as the scene grew progressively more interactive and explicit, moving from just feeling up Liza’s tits to fingering her cunt, until one of the audience members asked Mistress Erika if he could eat out her sub. Mistress nodded, and the male grinned. Liza was strapped to a table, unable to move as the man took his place between her legs. Liza moaned as he licked from bottom to top, sticking out his tongue to probe her hole. She squirmed, fighting against her bindings as he started to suck on her clit, inserting a finger to fuck her slowly. 

Liza shuddered, needing more, but knowing it wasn’t her place to ask. She was a sub. It was her place to be used as her Mistress saw fit.  

And then the man withdrew his finger, his tongue moving downwards to glance over her puckered rosebud and she yelped, not expecting the sensation. He flattened his tongue and wiggled it side to side before forming it into a point and shoving it inside her. Liza groaned, writhing beneath the straps as he tongue fucked her asshole. Mistress Erika called for another member of the audience, and Sir gently nudged Nadia’s arm to volunteer. She raised her hand, and Mistress smiled, calling her to the stage. 

Once she stepped up there, Mistress handed her a small wireless wand, telling her that her sub needed to be pleasured. Liza knew she couldn’t cum without permission, so Mistress didn’t need to tell her again. 

Nadia turned on the wand, rubbing it up and down Liza’s slit until it was slick with her juices. She moaned, then gasped when the wand was held to her clit. Nadia rubbed it in small circles around her clit, drawing more gasps and moans from Liza. Soon she was squirming, the man never letting up his assault of her ass. He pulled back his tongue, inserting two fingers into her pussy and curling them against her g-spot. She cried out, almost losing it as she started to beg Mistress for permission to cum. It was too much. Too much, too much, too much. “Mis-Mistress, p-please may I cum?”

“Not yet, kitten.” came the reply.

Liza groaned, shaking her head back and forth as she squirmed against the bindings. She couldn’t take much more of this. It was all too much. She made it another minute before she was begging again, fighting against her desires, fighting against her need. “Pleeeease, Mistress, I can’t, I-I c-can’t, please!” 

Mistress Erika smiled, petting Liza’s hair before kissing her forehead. “Okay, kitten, cum for me.”

Liza moaned, crying out as she let herself go. A gush of fluids accompanied her orgasm, her vaginal muscles clamping down around the man’s fingers. When the climax passed, she laid there panting as the man withdrew his fingers and Nadia turned off the wand. Gosh she was beautiful when she came. Nadia smiled, gently rubbing Liza’s cheek as she spoke. “You were wonderful, Liza. Beautiful.” 

The man and Nadia both turned to Mistress Erika and nodded their heads. “Thank you, Mistress, for letting us play with your sub. It was quite wonderful.” The man agreed with Nadia, thanking the Domme. 

Nadia and the man left the stage before going their separate ways. Nadia went back to Sir, taking a kneeling position next to his seat as she waited for her next instructions. “Thank you Sir.” she said, not looking up. 

He smiled, tapping her shoulder as a way of telling her to get up. She stood as he did, and Sir took the lead as they walked around to the surrounding rooms. “Pet, I’m going to let you choose our next activity. What would you like to do?” 

Nadia thought about it for a moment, looking around at the signs that indicated which room was for what activities. One room was for group activities, open to anyone who wanted to join. The next few rooms were for single couples, but two of them were occupied. Finally, there was the dungeon, full of toys and restraints. There were signs on the doorknobs saying if the room was open to observers or not. There were so many decisions, so much to choose from. Nadia didn’t know what she wanted. “Hmm… I think… can we join the group room?” 

Sir nodded, walking over and opening the door so Nadia could enter. He followed, closing the door behind them. There were three groups in the large room, one on the bed and two on the floor. The group in the corner was all males, and quite preoccupied with themselves. On the bed, one of the participants noticed Nadia and Sir, and she motioned for them to come join them. Nadia smiled, looking to Sir for permission. He nodded, gently pushing her forward. He would simply watch for now, choosing to join later. 

Nadia walked forward, crawling onto the oversized mattress and joining the fray. There were already three people on the bed, two males and a female. She grinned, the female pulling her into a deep kiss before she even had a chance to think. Nadia moaned into the kiss, gasping when the woman tweaked her nipple before lowering her hand between her legs. One of the men was fucking her slowly, the other one patiently waiting for the woman to resume the blowjob he had been recieving. After the kiss, she turned her head and took his dick into her mouth again, bobbing her head up and down as she rubbed Nadia’s slit. The man who was fucking her gently grabbed the back of Nadia’s neck, guiding her into a kiss. She hummed, opening her mouth to welcome his tongue as the woman continued to finger her cunt. 

It was certainly a sight to behold. 

Sir Thomas watched, tilting his head to take in the sight of his pet being pleasured. She had been so brave during their scene together. She definitely deserved to have some fun. His dick grew harder in his pants as he watched, and after a few minutes he was ready to join in with the group. Nadia came hard, breath hitching in her throat as her climax overtook her. That’s when Sir walked over, taking it as his cue to join the fun. “Suck my cock, pet.” he said, tapping her cheek. She hummed, her mouth moving to his rod as she began to slather his shaft with saliva. Once it was thoroughly covered, she took the head between her lips and started to bob her head up and down his length. God she loved sucking him off. Thankfully, it was something they both enjoyed.

She took him into her throat, doing her best not to gag or cough. She was relatively skilled at deepthroating, holding her face in his pubes as he groaned. He bucked his hips once, twice, three times before pulling her off his dick and up into a hard kiss. “Come.” he instructed, placing his member back in his pants before grabbing her hand and leading her out of the room. He guided her to the remaining couple’s room and closed the door, flipping over the sign that welcomed others in to watch. 

Sir nodded to the bed and Nadia smiled, giving him a kiss on the cheek before she laid down. There was a hungry look in his eyes, one that only hinted at how much he needed her. Slowly, he took off his suit, loosening the tie and using it to blindfold her after he was naked. This room, like all the others, had a selection of toys for members to use, provided they were cleaned after each use. It also had optional restraints on the bed, though he chose not to use them for now. “I’ll just be a moment, my pet.” 

He kissed her lips softly, pouring all his love into a single moment in time. 

And then he was gone.

Nadia couldn’t see where he had gone, but she figured he was perusing the selection of toys laid out next to the bed. That said, it was barely a minute before she felt his mouth attach to her cunt and she moaned, unable to stop the slutty sounds from escaping. Fuuuuuck he was good at that, his tongue flicking her clit over and over before he inserted a finger. He curled it upwards, caressing her g-spot as he sucked on her clit, bringing her to orgasm before she really had any time to process what was happening. She groaned, grasping at the pillow and allowing her inner whore to be pleasured and teased. The hum of a vibrator came to life, and she gasped out loud as Sir held it to her clit, nearly coming off the bed as she yelped in pleasure. “Oh fUCK!” she cried out, moaning more as he replaced his fingers with the rubber dildo he had picked out. She couldn’t tell what the vibrator was, but it was powerful. 

The motion of the dildo and the vibrations of the wand sent her into a powerful orgasm. She didn’t even hear the door open as people stepped in to witness her climax. She was beautiful, gorgeous even, especially when she came. Soon she was cumming continuously, her loud moans filling the room and escaping out into the open areas. More people came to investigate, some of them sneaking their hands into their pants as they watched. 

Sir finally stopped his relentless assault of her cunt, the rubber dick slick with sweat and cum as he teased her asshole with it. She gasped again, not expecting the gentleness of how he rocked it into her ass. He fucked her with it, slowly gaining speed as he watched her writhe beneath him. 

After a minute, he switched out the dildo for a medium sized butt plug and gave her slit one last lick before positioning his cock at her entrance, shoving inside without warning. Nadia yelped, then moaned, loving how he didn’t hold back. He fucked her hard, without mercy or ceasing or slowing. She came again, her body clenching around him as the bed became soaked in her fluids. He didn’t mind, leaning down to whisper in her ear. “We have company, pet. Why don’t you put on a show?”

Now that she could handle. Maybe. If she could think straight, which, at the moment, might be a bit of a stretch. 

But still she smiled shyly, a blush rising to her cheeks and chest. Sir grinned, still fucking her hard and fast as he caught a nipple between his teeth, sucking hard and twiddling the small nub with his tongue. 

After a few minutes, the wand was placed in her hand and turned on. It was her turn to have some fun with herself. Sneaking it between their bodies, she yelped again as it hit her clit. She wouldn’t be able to hold it for long. 

Sure enough, it was only a minute or two before she was panting, breathless words escaping her as she swore. “Shit fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck gonna gon gon gonna oh fuck oh god yes yes yES NOW SIR, pLEASE NOw!”

As she came, Sir pistoned his hips even faster, pounding into her until he grunted and felt his own climax take over his body. Her toes curled and his went numb, two quirks that went unnoticed by the crowd. He grunted again, pulling the tie from over her eyes. She squinted at the brightness of it all, but smiled when his face registered. “Thank you, Sir. I love you.” 

“And I, you, my love. Now and forever. Shall we go home now? Or would you like to wander around a bit more?” Sir smiled, laying down next to Nadia and brushing a strand of hair behind her ear as he waited for her response. She hummed, closing her eyes for a moment as she savored his touch. 

“I think.. I’d like to explore a bit more, Sir. And then go home to rest.”

He nodded, cupping her chin in his hand as he pulled her into a soft kiss. “That sounds perfectly acceptable, my pet. Come, let’s clean up and then look around some more. You are welcome to stay by my side or join in any scene you like. You’ve earned it, truly.”

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