I didn’t know where I was. I had no idea what was two feet in front of me, let alone my surroundings. Everything was dark, and my eyes weren’t adjusting. What happened? What had gone wrong?

I could remember leaving work, walking through the alley by my house when an icy hand grabbed me in darkness. I didn’t have a chance to see a face before the hood was over my eyes and I was tossed into the back of a van, more hands grasping at me and binding my limbs. I couldn’t move, couldn’t see, and the people that the hands belonged to weren’t talking. This wasn’t good. It wasn’t good, wasn’t good, wasn’t good. 

They drove for hours, the only sounds being my whimpers and whines to please just let me go. They always huffed in response, at least until they got annoyed and started to kick me instead. 

I decided to stop asking.

It was no use anyway.

I coughed, then tried to squirm out of my bindings again. It wasn’t working, but this time I felt a hand on my thigh and I stilled. What was that? Who was that? I swallowed hard, trying to find my voice when he spoke. His voice was gruff and rugged, low and commanding. It said ‘Listen to me, or else.’ 

“If you keep squirming, I’m gonna have to find a way to keep you still.” 

I could hear the unspoken threat behind his words, the intention behind his touch; and I nodded. I understood.

That said, it was hard to keep still. The ropes itched and dug into my skin, reminding me that I was at the whim of whomever had grabbed me. Every time I moved, the hand on my thigh inched upward. It was unnerving, but I didn’t truly get nervous until he reached my crotch. He couldn’t get any higher, what would he do next? 

I tried so so hard not to move, but then the hood was tickling my nose and I could feel the sneeze building behind my eyes. 

“Ah choo!”

I immediately apologized, then froze as the button on my pants was undone. Fuck. Shit. Shit shit shit shit shit. This wasn’t good. Wasn’t good. Wasn’t okay.

I could feel the man lean in close to whisper in my ear. “I warned you, bitch.”

And then his tone changed as he asked me an unexpected question.

“Do you remember your safe word?”

Wait, what? 

“Brandon? Is that you?”

He sighed, frustrated that I hadn’t answered his question. 

“I asked you a question.”

I swallowed again and nodded. So this was just a scene. It wasn’t real. 

It still felt real. 

“Y-yeah. Pumpernickel.”


And just like that, the man was back in character. I still couldn’t tell who was touching me, but I figured my boyfriend Brandon must have been driving. He liked to drive. And he didn’t mind sharing. My legs got a chill as the man took my pants off, the cool air triggering goosebumps. I felt his hand roughly paw at my pussy, rubbing me over my underwear. Now that I knew this was a scene, I could actually admit to myself how turned on I was. I’d always fantasized about being taken by force, and now it was actually happening? Wow. That’s really all I could say. Yeah, I was relieved to learn that it wasn’t real, but it was still hot as fuck. I wasn’t scared like before, and allowed myself to slip into my more bratty persona. 

The fabric around my legs tore as the man pulled off my panties, something to which I started to fight against. “Get off of me!” I yelled, only to be yanked into his lap and full on spanked like some naughty child. “Hey!” I cried out, squirming beneath his touch before he spanked me again. I was sure my ass had two red handprints forming, but I didn’t care. It was hot.

I had always liked being spanked, and the impact of his hand on my bare ass made me squirm for a different reason. I let out an involuntary moan, and he chuckled. “You like that, you little bitch?”

I shook my head fiercely. “N-no.”

“Liar.” He punctuated his statement with another smack and I yelped, gasping as he ran one finger along my slit. 


I swallowed hard, resisting the urge to moan as he chuckled. I  would already feel myself growing wet beneath his touch. Talk about embarrassing, geez. But it was all part of the game. 

He was just starting to insert a finger when we stopped, the van slowing to a halt in a place I was unfamiliar with. I was pulled from the vehicle, a strong hand gripping my arm and almost dragging me along. The man had taken off my sandals to remove my pants, and I could feel sand beneath my feet. 

Sand? Were we at a beach?

I tripped, stumbling forward into the arms of someone. I wasn't sure who. But they caught me, carefully helping me find my balance before I was yanked further down the surf. Once we stopped walking, my hood was removed and I found myself surrounded by three men, all wearing masks. I recognized the steel gray eyes of my Brandon, but not the other two. 

My suspicions of being at the beach were confirmed, a secluded part hidden from the rest of the world. It was beautiful, the sun just starting to come up. I could see why they chose it. The summer air was cool against my skin, and the sand squished up between my toes. Before I could fully take in the beauty of it, however, I was forced to my knees, a dick shoved in my face. I hadn’t been paying close enough attention to be able to tell who it was, but when I tried to look up I caught a slap to the face. I whimpered, looking back down as I waited for whatever was going to come next.

"Open your mouth." The man ordered, tapping my cheek with his cock. "And make it believable, bitch."

I nodded, swallowing again before I parted my lips and took him into my mouth, tongue swirling around the underside of his length. Hot damn did I love sucking cock. And I was good at it too, bobbing my head like a good girl. He moaned, drawing a smirk to my lips as I sucked harder. It wasn't long before his fingers found my hair and he started to ram his rod down my throat hard and fast, grunting as he came. I didn't swallow just yet, holding it on my tongue until he told me to swallow it. "Good girl." He said, and I could hear the smile in his voice. 

The second man stepped up, dick out and ready for action. I opened my mouth again, ignoring the ache in my jaw as he shoved himself past my lips and into my throat. I gagged but he continued to slam his cock in and out, fucking my face as he groaned in pleasure. I almost puked before he pulled out, not letting me catch my breath as he pushed me to the ground sideways. I landed hard on my side, crying out softly at the pain that zinged through my bound wrists. 

“Shut up, bitch!” 

I cried out again as my leg was roughly lifted and two fingers were shoved into my cunt. I was dripping wet, and they slid in easily. I moaned in spite of trying not to, drawing in a sharp breath at the sensation. I tried to fight back, to shut my legs and roll away, but I only succeeded in falling onto my stomach in the sand and catching another smack to my ass. It burned, tears stinging my eyes at the impact. 

I could only be thankful it hadn't been my face. 

The man thrust his fingers in and out, fast and hard. The angle he was going at hit my g-spot with every forward motion and it wasn't long before I was moaning beneath him. Then I yelped, crying out as his other hand started to rub my clit. Oh god oh fuck oh fuck oh fuck oh fUCK! A gush of fluids splattered over my legs and his hand, and he chuckled. "Aw, does that feel good? Does the little bitch want more?"

I whimpered, shaking my head. "N-no, please no more."

"I don't believe you. Your body speaks for itself, you little slut." He punctuated his sentence by pulling my hips up, my ass sticking up in the air as he positioned himself against my hole, rubbing his cock along my slit until he was coated in my juices. Soft whimpers escaped me, earning another spanking as he yelled at me to shut up and take it. 

I went quiet, suddenly a little scared. His voice was so commanding, and I didn't recognize it either. What if he went too far? What if he- 

I didn't have time to finish the thought before he slammed into me with enough force to lift my ass even higher in the air. I yelped in surprise, I hadn't expected him to be so forceful, but it was a matter of moments before I found myself moaning again. Fuuuck it just felt so good. As he held onto my hips, another one of the men stepped up and snaked their hand underneath my stomach to fiddle with my clit. It was barely three seconds before I screamed, my cunt clenching down hard around his cock as I came. My entire body tensed, writhing beneath their masterful touch. 

I could only pant as I was lifted up and set on top of the third man, my vision blurry for a good few seconds before it focused on Brandon's eyes beneath me. 


My love. 

My Dom. 

My master. 

His cock entered my pussy from below as his buddy lined up with my tight asshole. Mmm, yes, double penetration. I was loving this just a little too much. 

Oh well.

He slowly forced his way inside, stretching my sphincter around his length. My wetness provided just the right amount of lube, not too much but not too little. It stung a little, but I adjusted to his girth quickly. And then they were both inside me, filling me completely as they began to thrust. Slow at first, until they found a rhythm that worked for the two of them. Then they started to speed up. It was wonderful even before Brandon started twiddling my clit again. That made it too much, and I was a mess impaled on two different cocks. I was moaning loud, cumming continuously as they fucked me. Brandon wrapped his free hand around my throat, cutting off my air as he thrust up into me. I came again, and again, and again, until I had mascara tears running down my cheeks. He let up the pressure just as I started to fight for real, just like he always did. 

The first man stepped up to me, grabbing my chin and forcing me to look up at him. He had his dick in his other hand, hard and ready for another round as he shoved it into my mouth. It was glorious - being filled by three cocks in every hole. I loved it. I slobbered around his length, unable to do more than just be brutally and wonderfully used. 

The man in my ass came first, grunting as he slammed against me. I could feel his cock pulsing as he creamed inside me, filling me with hot cum. He pulled out, his spooge dripping out of me. 

Brandon had pretty amazing stamina, so he kept pace with the man who was back to fucking my throat. After about 10 more minutes, they both came. I swallowed every drop this time, cum dripping out of my ass and my cunt. My legs were on fire, shaking uncontrollably as I was lifted off and fireman carried back to the van. I was so exhausted that I passed out before the vehicle even started to move. 

When I woke up, I was back home in my bed. My entire body was sore and my throat was hoarse. I sat up, coughing as Brandon entered the room. “Hey sweetheart, I’ve got some tea for your throat and lotion for the rest of you. You deserve a massage after all that. Fuck, babe, that was so hot. You did so good. I’m so proud of you.” He sat down on the bed and helped me drink, waiting for me to swallow before he asked if I enjoyed myself. 

“Fuck yes, thank you. I loved it.” I smiled, leaning in for a small kiss. “It was amazing.” 

“Good. Now roll over so I can give you that massage. I’m sure you’re feeling sore after all that.” 

I hummed, doing as I was told before I felt the cold lotion squeeze onto my back. He always took care of me after playing rough. It was part of what I loved about him. I sighed, sinking into the bed as he started the massage. A perfect end to a long day.