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Mack is an Edmonton-based entrepreneur, writer, and geek.

My mission is to change the world through code and prose. I have focused on the power of software ever since I became interested in computer technology as a kid, and have built software-based solutions for education, journalism, open government, and other industries. I also have a passion for storytelling, and have covered technology, urban affairs, and many other topics as a blogger and journalist.

I have been blogging about Edmonton and other topics since 2003. I write because I enjoy it, not because I'm trying to make a living at it. Along the way, I've met some great people over coffee (and even wrote about how much I drank one year). If you find my blog useful or interesting, you can show your support by buying me a coffee! Thanks for reading!

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Thanks for the roundups Mack!

Thanks so much Ryan!

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Appreciate that you keep us all in the loop! 

Thank you Susie!

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Met you at a Economic Development session and love that you are now connected to them in a more tangible way.  

Thanks so much Cori!

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Thanks Karran!Thanks Karran!

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Thanks for your quality work Mack!

Thanks a lot Chris, I appreciate it!Thanks a lot Chris, I appreciate it!