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Hey there, I'm Jacob Beckerman.

I'm creating Mastershot - a browser-based video editor. By browser-based, I mean that everything happens in the browser, including rendering. I created Mastershot out of frustration that all the other web-based video editors limited me to either low resolution exports or placed an annoying watermark on the exported video. So I decided to do something about it. With Mastershot you can:

* Trim video/audio/images

* Extract audio from video to separate track

* Add text to video/images

* Overlay videos on top of each other (picture in picture/grid/rows)

* And much more

Additionally, I'm going to be adding the following:

* Integrations for stock images/videos.

* Chroma Keying (Green screen)

* Transitions between clips

* Keyframe animations

Check it out at

Thanks for your support