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Universal Consultant, Author, Comprehension Specialist, Alchemist & Lifestyle Design Architect

My Purpose is to assist individuals in connecting with their authentic self, healing the man-woman relationship and light the torch of the golden age of humanity. Please join me!

Thank you for being part of the solution.

At age 16, I endured a life-altering event after suffering a traumatic injury which lead me on a path of internal discovery gaining a key to answering one of life's greatest questions... "who am I ?" After that experience and years of study into the subconscious mind, economics, technology, alchemy, and tantra, I developed a unique systematic approach to building an interwoven life centered around a spirit heart connection. As comprehension specialist, I assist individuals in comprehending things which were once difficult and complex into simple digestible concepts. As spiritual alchemist and lifestyle design architect, As a guide, I assist with the designing, planning,  and fulfillment of the souls experience as a human.