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Hey, we are Matt and Julia 👋 We are a young British/Russian couple and travel obsessives!

In 2020 we made the massive decision to roll the dice, take a gamble and attempt to make our dreams in to a reality.

We quit our jobs, put our apartment on the market, sold all of our possessions and set off to pursue our passion of travel and discovering the more unseen parts of our world (great year to do it, we know!).

We are passionate about travelling to and documenting corners of the planet that most don't, and we want to bring you along with us, we post videos a few times a week on our YouTube channel.

If you enjoy our content or find it valuable and to such an extent that would you choose to 'buy us a coffee', then seriously, thank you so much!

We can't promise it won't be tea instead of coffee though!! ;)

Thanks so much for your support!

Matt and Julia x