Keith have won through to the Preliminary Final after a goal after the siren by Ben Simounds sealed the win in dramatic fashion. A week after winning in extra time, the Crows were looking to back in up and took on a strong Kingston team at Bordertown. The Crows jumped out of the blocks and had three goals in the first eleven minutes as George Thring, Jack Jones and George Johnson put through majors and the Crows were 21-points clear. Kingston responded with back-to-back goals by Jake Fisher and Tom Rogers as the Saints started to settle. Ben Simounds worked his way in to the game and got a goal, but Ben Warner replied as the clubs' traded blows. Ben Warner, Hagan Wright, James Siviour and Campbell Watts had started the final well for the Saints. George Thring was getting plenty of the ball for the Crows. Will Schreiber and Max Thring were working hard for the Crows. Keith got a goal after the quarter time siren by Albert Dunstan as the Crows went in to quarter time ahead by 16-points.

Kingston got the good start in the second quarter as James Siviour converted from a free kick to get the margin back to 10 points. Max Thring replied for the Crows as they looked to hold Kingston at arm's length. Chad Wood found Ben Warner who kicked a goal as the game went goal for goal. Hagan Wright was everywhere for the Saints gathering touches. Liam Toohey, Ben Warner, Jake Wehl and Sam Robertson were having a good second quarter. Kingston had a lot of the play to end the quarter, but could not kick straight in front of goal. The Saints kicked five behinds in a row as they were attacking hard. Keith kept fighting and went in to half time six points ahead. George and Max Thring were showing their experience during the first half as they brought a calming effect to Keith when Kingston attacked hard. Will Schreiber ran hard off half back as the setup man and Keith looked to go through him often.

Jack Jones got the second half's first goal as the Crows pushed the margin out to eleven points at the four-minute mark of the third quarter. James Siviour replied for Kingston with a goal as he was having an outstanding game and taking many big marks in the forward line. Keith worked hard and got a reply through Charlie Hanneman to give Keith the lead back. Kingston kept fighting and once again big James Siviour kicked another goal as the Crows had no answer for him. Sam Robertson, Tom Rogers, Hagan Wright and Ben Warner worked hard around the ground for the Saints. George Thring found his brother Max for a late goal to Keith as the Crows went in to three quarter time eight points ahead at the last change. Sam Tooley, Jack Jones and Max Thring were pushing hard for the Crows and really making it tough for the Saints to cover them.

Seven minutes went by in the fourth quarter before the first goal was kicked. Both teams were throwing blows at each other looking for the upper hand in the fight. Kingston captain Brett Simpson snuck through the first goal of the quarter to make it a two-point game. James Siviour soon put Kingston in front at the 12-minute mark with a lovely goal. Chad Wood, Liam Toohey, Hagan Wright, Tom Rogers and Sam Robertson were really working hard around the packs and ground to get the ball going Kingston's way. Jake Wehl's run off half back was important as well as the link up player. Ben Rogers was doing some important spoils when called upon. Keith responded as Ben Simounds got free to kick a goal and the margin was back to a point in favour of Keith as they got the lead back. George Thring was getting plenty of the ball around the stoppages and Will Schreiber was showing his calm work under pressure off half back as he time and time again stopped Kingston going forward and set up plays for Keith as well. James Siviour again bobbed up for Kingston as he kicked a goal and gave the Saints a six-point lead in time on. Kingston kept fighting hard. Hagan Wright was running the game out well for the Saints and kept driving the ball forward. Keith drove the ball forward where they were able to score a point and both teams battled hard across half forward for the Crows to try and not give an edge to the other team. Keith was able to win the ball and kick it long as Ben Simounds worked his body in to position and take a mark near the goal square just before the siren went. Simounds went back and kicked the goal after the siren as Keith fans and players celebrated and Kingston's players and supporters were left distraught and disappointed.