Padthaway booked their way through to a Second Semi Final clash with Mundulla after they defeated Kingston by 26-points on Saturday. The Lions controlled most of the game and looked dangerous when going forward during the match.

Kingston got the best start possible when Ben Warner, Chad Wood and Brett Simpson combined in a play to set up Jake Fisher for the first goal of the game. Two minutes later Jake Fisher had his second goal to put the Saints up by 12-points and had the big Saints following in full voice on the sidelines. Padthaway hit back as they got closer to the Saints when they got goals from Joshua and Jake Vandermeer to get the margin back to a point. Nathan McCarthy, Will Verco and Terak Redigolo were starting to get more ball for the Lions and helping getting the score on the board. Ben Warner, Jarryd Hill, Brett Simpson and Tyler Baker had begun the game well for the Saints. Kingston led by three points at quarter time.

Padthaway dominated the second quarter in general play around the ground. Kingston was defending hard and trying to block off most of the Lions avenues to goal. Padthaway put through four goals in the second quarter to Kingston's none as Tarak Redigolo kicked two goals, Josh Vandermeer and Tobin Cox were able to get free to hurt the Saints on the scoreboard. Jarryd Hill, Campbell Watts and Jake Wehl were working hard in the backline to stem the flow. Sam Robertson and Liam Toohey were hard around the packs, trying to get the ball going the Saints way. Tarak Redigolo, Lachlan Eats and Matt Raitt were doing the same for the Lions, but were probably a bit cleaner when moving the ball in to the forward lines. Padthaway went in to half time 24-points ahead and with all the momentum. 

Coming out after half time and both teams were looking for a fast start. Kingston got the first goal through Chad Wood as the Saints got the margin back to 17-points. The Lions then put on a little scoring spree and got control of the game. Goals from Cody Marshall, Matt Raitt and coach Tarak Redigolo had the Lions right on top and now 35-points ahead of Kingston at the 12-minute mark of the third quarter. The loss of Tyler Baker to a knee injury in the second quarter was really hurting Kingston's ability to take intercept marks and rebound the ball. Kingston had to find a way to get the ball past Jacob Eats who was playing a great game for the Lions. Will Verco, Jake Vandermeer and Nathan McCarthy were really causing Kingston problems around the ground as they helped Padthaway build the big lead. Kingston had to find form fast or the game would slip away and players such as Sam Robertson, Liam Toohey, Henry Lawrie and Chad Wood were starting to get their hands on the ball more and win more contests to get the ball going the Saints way. Sam Robertson kicked a much-needed goal for Kingston as they looked to get back in the game. Then in a hurry, the Saints put on four late goals in the quarter through Ben Warner, Sam Robertson, Liam Toohey and Jacob Fisher. The Saints had gone from 35-points down to just 7-points down at the last change. James Siviour was important in this patch of play as he had a quiet first half, but was starting to get free and take some big marks at centre half forward for the Saints. Campbell Watts also was cutting things off at half back, providing some run and dash and steady disposal when needed. Tom Rogers was hard around the packs, laying some big tackles and keeping the pressure on. Liam Toohey was belting in and giving some really smart handballs out of packs to try and get the ball forward. 

Padthaway started the fourth quarter in great style as Tobin Cox finally got free to kick two goals in the opening minutes of the last quarter to push the margin back out to 20-points. Kingston hit back and cut the margin back to 14-points when James Siviour took a big mark in the goal square and was able to slot the goal through to give Kingston hope. Padthaway kept working hard and Jake Vandermeer slotted through a goal and then Joshua Vandermeer kicked the next three goals as the Lions were right on top again and had a lead of 38-points. Jacob Eats, Will Verco and Lachlan Eats were running the game out well for Padthaway. The Lions crisper and cleaner ball movement was hurting Kingston. Kingston got two late goals through Jacob Fisher and Tom Rogers as the Saints cut the margin to 26-points. Brock Kennedy was getting a few kicks after being switched down back. Liam Toohey, Henry Lawrie, Ben Rogers, Campbell Watts and Sam Robertson were running the game out well for the Saints. Jarryd Hill did a great job down the back all game, being the general and try to stop the Lions flow of scoring. Padthaway held on for a 27-point win and booked a second semi-final showdown with Mundulla on Saturday at Lucindale. Kingston on the other hand face Keith on Sunday at Bordertown in the first semi-final.