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I am an Australian Technologist and Software Developer based in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. I'm the maintainer of the public Australian Postcode database.

I am an Australian Technologist and Software Developer based in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, and I blog about a lot of different, often unrelated, things.

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I maintain a free, public domain community-sourced database of Australian Postcodes with geographical data.


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May 16th 2020 Postcode Updates

May 15, 2020

Hi Everyone,

I've updated the databases with a few new postcodes, fixed some data issues, and added Designated Regional Area values from Aus Gov data.

Thanks to everyone who's sent in updates and suggestions.

I'm considering adding Geocoded Nati... see more


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Noel Ferguson 13d
I think the more data the better - the NAF could make a lot of sense when it comes to helping validate people / businesses 

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March 26th 2020 Update

Mar 26, 2020

Hi Everyone, 

Just a quick note to let everyone know I’ve updated the postcode databases.


 Some of the updates include:... see more

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Andrew bought 3 coffees.

Thanks for providing a great resource. 

Tom Bender
Tom Bender bought a coffee.

Matthew - thanks so much for this. Time saver. Truly appreciated. Tom and the team. 

@vaidymohan bought a coffee.

I was looking for a comprehensive list of AU pin codes. Your DB is by far the most user-friendly list. Thanks for your work on this. 👍 

Tash bought 5 coffees.

Thanks, Matthew. Great dataset.

[email protected] bought a coffee.

Thanks Matthew for sharing the database. It helps a lot.

You're welcome!